A new report claims that Microsoft is restarting its Skype client efforts yet again with a new project called “Skype for Life.” But that strategy makes no sense, as Microsoft is already well on its way to delivering on its new generation clients on all supported platforms.

“Currently, [Microsoft] has … an excessive number of clients, and what we’re hearing is that Microsoft’s solution is to develop yet another client, codenamed ‘Skype for Life’,” a report in Ars Technica explains. “This one client will be cross-platform, covering not just Windows but Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.”

Ars further ties the arrival of a new, cross-platform Skype client to Microsoft’s recent decision to close an office in London that housed both Skype and Yammer employees. That is perhaps the most tenuous claim in the post, given that this closing was just one small part of a wider series of layoffs that impacts businesses all over Microsoft.

So here’s what I think is really happening...

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