This is a great topic to read. And thank you to Wynona for laying it all out so clearly. I don't think I've seen it all as clearly explained before.

i agree that MS may of cleaned up its act and starting listening to users. There is a lot I don't like about Windows 10 and still too many bugs in the public build for my liking but it's heading in the right direction. I don't think they intend to release bugs into public code and make mistakes. It's just for someone with little spare time to enjoy the PC I find the mistakes hard to swallow and get cross.

that being said MS are much better than apple. I use their iOS devices and apple are the worst offenders for releasing new iOS despite known problems which are reported repeatedly during beta. I find that pretty inexcusable. I think even if there was a crippling bug in the iPhone iOS that prevented users reliably making phone calls (or another core feature) they'd still just go ahead and release it for bragging rights! Their mantra of 'it just works' seems pretty far fetched. So in comparison MS approach (while far from perfect) seems much better than the other software juggernauts.