Windows 10: Despite Windows 10, Third-Party Start Menus Will Live On

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       24 May 2015 #50

    Re-reading the title of this thread, I must concur.

    As a working computer tech, I'm constantly called on to set up new PC's for my customers, and I give them a choice, whether to keep the 8.1 Metro screen or take the Classic Shell route to a startup screen (desktop) that looks like their old XP or Win-7. (their choice)

    The Classic Shell wins out every time. It's just nature, that people like the familiar and reject the UN-Familiar.

    Cheers mates, and Happy Computing

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       24 May 2015 #51

    Trust_No1 said: View Post
    Are there facts that support this? or just opinions?

    Everyone that is a Windows 8 user (not many) that I know, all use a 3rd party menu.
    I helped a friend buy a new computer that had Windows 8.0. I had already been testing Windows 8 public preview/beta, whatever they called it, so knew about the various third party menus.

    She took one look at the start screen and said, "This won't do!" So I showed her the third parties, she picked one and won't let me take it off! When I put Windows 10 on for her, she'll drag her third party with her.

    From the first, everyone I knew used third party start menus.
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  3.    24 May 2015 #52

    Classic Shell is just plain awesome not just because it is familiar but because it is powerful.
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  4.    24 May 2015 #53

    Enough is enough. . .if you want a menu different then the one provide by Microsoft in Windows 10 then use a third party one, albeit it would appear that the one appearing in the latest builds is going to be just find for those who want a Microsoft menu. . .it is time to move on. By now must of us here on the 10's already have made up our mines as to which direction we are going to go, thus it would appear as if the Horse might just live if folks will stop beating it. . .
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  5.    25 May 2015 #54

    Lee said: View Post
    . . .why do these people even have a job. . .just shameless. . .
    You have distorted my original comments to point of being asinine. I guess some people just like to start arguments.
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  6.    25 May 2015 #55

    Trust_No1 said: View Post
    You have distorted my original comments to point of being asinine. I guess some people just like to start arguments.
    . . .This is me ignoring you. . .
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       25 May 2015 #56

    Mystere said: View Post
    I recall seeing recently that Classic Shell, one of the largest free start menu replacements only had 25 million downloads (I think this was in April). Since this number almost certainly includes multiple downloads (each new version is downloaded by the installed base), and there have been 57 releases... let's be generous and say that even if this accounts for 5 million users, that's still only 5% of the total Windows 8.x market. Now, you might argue that this is only one vendor... but the fact is, most users will try out multiple replacements to see which one they like, and it's likely that most users would try Classic Shell, even if they don't use it, so at least a large percentage of those users would be accounted for in other replacement products. So even if we are generous and double it to 10 million. That's only 10% of the users.

    Yes, this is all speculation. But the fact of the matter is, most users are not technical... They don't know start menu replacements exist... If you deal with real end users on any regular basis you would know this.

    Windows 8.x currently has 11.16% of the market of almost 900 Million PC's. Or, roughly 100 Million.
    Yes, and when someone is struggling along and you show them Classic Shell. All You hear is Oh Yea
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