Last year, we released the first wave of OneDrive for Business integration within the Outlook Web App for Office 365 customers. That integration allowed users to send OneDrive for Business files and set edit and view permissions using the Insert > Attachment menu, making it easy to share cloud files without having to separately navigate to OneDrive and leave the context of your inbox.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce improvements to this integration to make saving and sharing files to OneDrive for Business even easier in the Outlook Web App.

Save attachments directly to OneDrive for Business

The Outlook Web App now lets you save attachments you’ve received in email directly to your OneDrive for Business folder. This allows you to access these files from wherever you are and more importantly, gives you the ability to collaborate on these files in Office or Office Online without having to manage and keep track of multiple versions.

In Outlook Web App, when you click Save to OneDrive or Save all to OneDrive, your files are added to a OneDrive for Business folder called Email attachments. Once they are stored in OneDrive you can move them to another folder, or send them in email as a cloud attachment. Let’s take a detailed look at how it works.

The process begins when you open a message that has attachments.

If you want to save a single attachment to OneDrive for Business, open the drop-down menu on the attachment and click Save to OneDrive.

To save all the attachments to OneDrive click Save all to OneDrive.

Once a file is added to OneDrive for Business you should see confirmation on the attachment.

Guidance when sharing large files

Sharing large files in email is tedious and unreliable. They can take a long time to send and frequently bounce back, never reaching the recipient—especially when emailing outside of your organization. At best, this process ends up wasting valuable time and at worst, it can result in lost business, upset customers or worse.

Improving upon our first wave our OneDrive for Business integration, the Outlook Web App now automatically notifies you if the file you are trying to send is over your organization’s message size limit and then provides a one-click option to upload to OneDrive for Business. In this case, the Send as attachment option will be greyed out.

The Outlook Web App also warns you when you try to attach a file that is fairly large and suggests that you upload and share with OneDrive for Business. In this way, you can keep your message size and mailbox smaller. This also ensures that your recipient will receive it, regardless of the file size.

Currently, Outlook Web App supports uploading files up to 200 MB directly to OneDrive for Business. Over the next 4-8 weeks, this limit will be raised to 2GB.

Source: Outlook Web App + OneDrive for Business just got better - Office Blogs