Back-to-back events reveal Microsoft's developer strategy for the next few years.

Microsoft has always been a developer-focused company, but its recent BUILD and Ignite events. showed just how important developers - and IT pros - are to the company's strategy.

It's a strategy that's always adapted to how developers work, but now, instead of following them, it's anticipating where they're going, aiming to deliver the tools that they're going to need tomorrow.

If that means working with node.js in Docker containers, by providing a programmers editor for MacOS and for Linux, and by supporting iOS in traditionally Windows tooling, well, that's what it takes. Microsoft is rebuilding its developer story from the ground up, retuning for a new generation of coders both in and outside the enterprise.

You only had to watch the BUILD Day One keynote to see the shape of Microsoft's development platform. Instead of starting with Windows, as in PDCs of old, it started the way developers look at modern applications, as services in the cloud. Starting with Azure, the keynote took a whistlestop tour through the layers of a modern app, ending up with tomorrow's UI in the shape of HoloLens. As a keynote, it may not have had the consumer edge that some were looking for, but for its developer audience it showed the shape of a changing Microsoft that they could work with.

Microsoft is now a full stack company...

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