We have rolled out an update to the Windows Maps app which brings a highly anticipated feature: Windows Ink on Maps. This feature is optimized for pervasive ink annotations directly on the map with Surface Pen, and we have enabled inking with stylus, mouse, or touch. We are excited to get your feedback and think you will enjoy Windows Ink on Maps as much as we do.

Here’s a few idea on how to get the most out of Windows Ink on Maps:

Use ink annotations in the Maps app to create additional context or information about points of interest or an area of the map

Use the Measure distance tool to plan a run, bike, or hiking route BEFORE you head out

Ink a contiguous line in Directions mode and Maps will calculate turn-by-turn directions from the start to the end of the inked line

Use a combination Ink annotations, Directions, and the Measure Distance tools together to plan a meetup with friends and family

The features included in this release are:

  • Optimized for pervasive ink annotations directly on the map with Surface Pen
  • Integration of the Windows Ink Toolbar
  • Enable the use of a mouse, finger, or stylus to deposit ink with Touch Writing via the Windows Ink Toolbar
  • Customize ink strokes (color and width) for certain pens via the Ink Toolbar
  • Erase ink strokes using the Pen eraser or via the Eraser tool in the ink Toolbar
  • Use ink input to get Directions from point A to B
  • Use ink to measure the distance of an area on the map
  • Persistent Ink (local save)
  • Share or Print a screenshot of a map personalized with ink

Known issues:

  • Windows Ink on Maps is enabled for Desktop PCs (no phone support)
  • Personalized Maps are stored locally (no device roaming)
  • Windows Ink enabled for Road View only

Source: Insider Preview App update - Maps App version 5.1608.2116.0 and 5.1608.2117.0 for PC - Feedback Hub