Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 build 10074 last week, after the opening keynote of the BUILD 2015 developer conference, so the company can now focus on bug fixes and improvements for this particular new release. It didnít take long to launch a major update, so today users who have already installed build 10074 are getting several improvements and bug fixes supposed to address some of the problems reported in the last few days by insiders.
The so-called Windows 10 Insider Preview update rollup for April 2015 comes with a patch that should make the Start menu and Cortana open in build 10074, as many users complained about a bug that blocked these two features from showing up when clicking their icons in the taskbar.
At the same time, the company says that, after installing this new update, Windows Error Reporting data should no longer remain in queue and should be uploaded correctly, which is quite important for both users and Microsoft because this way the software giant can receive those errors that are causing havoc on a number of machines.