Cumulative Update KB3176929 for Windows 10 version 1607 build 14393.10

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    Release (17134.471) + Insider Preview Fast Ring (18298.1)

    Looey said:
    Did anyone else get a Windows 10 upgrade assistant shortcut on the desktop after this update? I double clicked the shortcut and it flashed a message so quick I couldn't read it and then displayed a screen saying "Thank you for updating to the latest version of Windows 10".
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    Neither did I. It just updated really fast, restarted and I do not see any changes yet. Extra polish without seeing the extra polish, lol.
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    WIndows 10 19042.804

    rogerwilco91 said:
    I forgot to mention it also installed a folder on drive C:\Windows10Upgrade that is a bit over 15 meg.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit 20H2 19042.844

    No Windows10Upgrade folder here or any Desktop icon
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    Yeah drive C: looks the same as it always has here too. No changes yet. Not sure what the update was for (PC Fixes?), lol but it sure has given me something to wonder about. I'd laugh if a Birthday party video just popped up on the screen at midnight, and id also probably fall out of my chair.
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    Win10 20236.1000 64bit Pro and Win7 SP1 Ultimate


    The update was very fast, about 50 seconds with a normal reboot. Windows 10 version 1607 build 14393.10 installed on this desk side system. There was no desktop Icon Windows 10 upgrade assistant shortcut , nor any new folder like drive C:\Windows10Upgrade or anything else.

    Wonder why some are getting these things and others are not...a bit strange.

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    You think that's strange, some people are getting the update and not even in the insider program. LOL
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    Win10x64 v2004 latest build fast ring

    AMDMan2016 said:
    So if I decided to leave Release Preview insider branch, do I just wait for confirmation final release is out before doing system reset or clean install? (as not sure on doing reset way, don't wanna end up back on 10586 lol, considering I didn't convert esd to iso yet lol. it's running well thus far though, just gotta repair video drivers, that somehow got downgraded from 16.7.3 AMD WHQL ones to 16.6 via Windows update lol
    About the AMD Crimson drivers installation--applies to all of them in my case--I have found this to work consistently for me for several months...when installing the Crimsons, there is a very small checkbox that appears in the AMD driver installer GUI (black in color) which is located in the bottom-center of the AMD installer screen, that by default is checked and says: Automatically download latest drivers . As the installation proceeds, you'll be presented with yet another such black, AMD installer screen which, again, presents a by-default checked checkbox for Automatically download latest drivers, located in the same place.

    So, you'll see two check boxes during the AMD install process IIRC that both say Automatically download latest drivers. Be sure to UN-check both check boxes when presented with them before the install process for your new Crimsons is complete and you are asked to reboot. I've noticed that when these instructions are followed that Win10 does *not* attempt to install another AMD Crimson driver in its place! Until you go about installing the next Crimson driver set that rolls down the pike, of course...At that point you must Un-check the by-default checked check boxes for the newer driver just as you did for the 16.7.3 Crimson installation!Rinse and repeat going forward until either Microsoft or AMD or both decide to change the format!

    The first time I installed the 16.7.3 Crimsons I actually forgot to uncheck both check boxes in my haste to install them and the result was that shortly after rebooting, Win10x64 force-installed--or at least attempted to force-install the 16.6.0 Crimsons right over the top of the just-installed 16.7.3 Crimsons! Needless to say that was a very undesirable place to be *cough* and so I immediately reinstalled the 16.7.3's and this time I remembered to un-check both default-set check boxes--that was yesterday and the result is that not once has Windows 10 tried to force-install *any* AMD GPU driver on top of the current 16.7.3's!

    Anyway...hope this little tidbit helps you a bit......! Here's a screenie for ya! Cumulative Update KB3176929 for Windows 10 version 1607 build 14393.10-amd-driver-install-checkbox.jpg
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit 20H2 19042.844

    Certainly does help out, I must've missed one or both of those check marks and I usually catch them lol
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit (Free Upgrade from win7)

    Where to get the 'Latest' Win10 PRO 64bit ISO File? (with this update included)
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