Windows 10: Microsoft Removes Classic Theme Support in Windows 10 Build 10074

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       03 May 2015 #60

    groze said: View Post
    Actually, most Linux systems allow you to run as root or log-in as root or can be modified to log-in as root.
    "Can be made" but then one runs the risk that a lot of software will not run or cause irrepairable damage to the OS, meaning a new install. there is a very good reason it's not default. Just like when using the built in admin account on 8 & 10 there are some things one cannot use/do( I mean built in not user admin)
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       03 May 2015 #61

    Cliff S said: View Post
    I just create the admin account then change mine to standard, and when I want to make changes to the system I'm going to have to give a password. This has saved my butt a few times, because either I must pause and think about what I'm doing, or it kept me from making a mistake(my fingers are sometimes faster than my brain).
    Regarding the purpose of UAC one thing it enables is "protected mode" in Internet Explorer.

    What does Internet Explorer protected mode do?

    I think that's an important feature to keep enabled in a browser. More generally the problem is the OS can't determine whether changes are being made intentionally by the user or by malware, so it hands the choice back to the user to confirm. Yes, that can be annoying sometimes, but the alternative is potentially damaging changes being made without user control. As I'm sure everyone here knows the level of UAC monitoring and prompting can be adjusted in Windows 7 with the default being set a notch lower than it was in Vista. It's also worth noting that UAC is already a compromise that enables the user to run with the convenience of an admin account but with reduced privileges that can be easily elevated, instead of as a standard user that requires separate admin credentials to authorize changes. All that said I know it's still annoying and yes many people just click through the prompts, but Microsoft gave us a choice and that's a good thing.
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  3.    04 May 2015 #62

    Cliff S said: View Post
    OK you UAC "Haters" stay away from Linux where for every little change you need to give your admin password. Probably should also stay away from a Standard account in Windows too
    Good thinking, damn wish I had remember this stuff from that wonder OS they call Linux. . .oh yeah forgot. . .
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    Cliff S said: View Post
    "Can be made" but then one runs the risk that a lot of software will not run or cause irrepairable damage to the OS, meaning a new install. there is a very good reason it's not default. Just like when using the built in admin account on 8 & 10 there are some things one cannot use/do( I mean built in not user admin)
    Many distro's make it very annoying to run as root, or at least they used to. I seem to recall that several of them changed your backgrounds to red colors and put up annoying text notifying you that you were running as root.
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  5.    06 May 2015 #64

    I found a little program called UAC Tweaker which may be useful to some.

    I'm in favour of Control Panel settings finally being migrated in full to PC Settings. Having both is just so 'work in progress'.

    And, the name 'Control Panel' does imply a measure of 'Control', which makes it rather misleading these days. You want control over things? No! Have some Settings instead!
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       07 May 2015 #65

    The Nude Dude said: View Post
    the uac is NOTHING but a huge annoyance. anyone that really knows what they are doing makes it one of the first things they shutoff. in most custom builds of windows out their the creator has predisabled it for the enduser.
    Whether a user knows what he/she knows what they are it makes sense to have UAC. Windows is not only for those who know or for those who think they know is also for those who are learning.
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  7.    07 May 2015 #66

    This is a very good point because most users are learning - and then there are a few who think they know. The latter are the ones that get into trouble.
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       08 May 2015 #67

    whs said: View Post
    I don't have a problem with the UAC. It does not bother me. What does bother me is that my desktop would become an appendix of a tablet/phone Operating System. All those moves towards the settings are made for that - and that's not the only move into this direction. I think the 1 year W10 give-away is one that I will skip - although I generally like give-aways.

    I agree with you. So far I think Windows 10 is long way from being ready for prime time. I will stay with 8.1 for quite a while.
    I think Cortana is annoying but I really like the Edge (project Spartan). Maybe they will make it available for 8.1.
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  9.    08 May 2015 #68

    Not sure what some folks are looking for in Windows 10 other then to voice an unrefined opinion of something they think they know a great deal about. Personally I like Windows 10, and am now using it as my primary Windows OS (second to Mac OS X). Today I laid the finishing touches to the OS by installing my printer (no problems as of yet). As to the menu it is configured the way I want, and again no problems (knock on wood). Only problem I had was my BD Drive wasn't showing up, so after a day of pulling out hair I decided to open up the computer and look at the SATA Cables, couldn't see any thing wrong so I just changed the BD cable with one of the SSD cables, and what do you know it worked (don't ask why I think it just one of those change computer things). So for those of you having problems all I say is sure hope you find the problem so that you can use Windows 10. . .Good luck to all. . .
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       15 May 2015 #69

    Now I need help.
    Upon launching the account login page, it will blink and go back to my other account.
    Any suggestions??
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