Microsoft is working at full speed to finalize work on Windows 10 before the summer, and it turns out that everything is going according to plan, as the company has recently made a change, which could be a sign that RTM is nearing.

The recently leaked Windows 10 build 10074 is no longer called “Windows Technical Preview,” but “Windows 10 Insider Preview,” as the operating system has most likely reached another key milestone in the development process.
While the software giant itself hasn’t provided any kind of details regarding this name change, it’s pretty clear that Windows 10 is close to becoming a mature operating system, so Microsoft’s work is indeed advancing at the desired pace.
New version to launch at BUILD

Microsoft is expected to disclose all of its Windows 10 plans at the BUILD 2015 developer conference that opens its doors today, including details regarding the next updates that are scheduled to launch in late 2015 and in 2016.
According to information that reached the web through unofficial channels, Windows 10 is projected to reach RTM in June or July, before the public launch that could take place in July or August.