Back in February of this year Microsoft made preview versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote available for anyone running the Windows 10 Technical Preview. These apps were the long awaited touch enabled/enhanced versions of the popular Office software programs and intended to be part of Microsoft's collection of universal apps for Windows 10 devices....

....So, in what appears to be preparation for the release of the universal Office preview apps for Windows 10 Mobile this week, the Windows 10 desktop versions of those apps received an update over the weekend.

Unfortunately, there is no change log of any sort available nor an official announcement about the updates but I have verified the change in build numbers for each preview app.

  • Word Preview updated to 17.3930.10071.0 from 17.3930.10061.0
  • PowerPoint Preview updated to 17.3930.10071.0 from 17.3823.10121.0
  • Excel Preview updated to 17.3930.10071.0 from 17.3823.10121.0
  • OneNote Preview updated to 17.3930,10071.0 from 17.3823.30111.0

These updated preview apps must be accessed using the Windows Store (Beta) on Windows 10 which now has a blue tile instead of gray after it was updated in build 10061 of Windows 10.
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