Windows 10: Windows 10 Build 10074 Expected at BUILD 2015

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       28 Apr 2015 #50

    Roger said: View Post
    You seem to have the final word. Windows should, or could, or maybe will be, or maybe will be soon, or sometime in the future, maybe, or should anyway, become available, if it's finished, or when it's finished, or when it's maybe finished, if ever, and clean installs aren't necessary.
    That clears things up immensely and I hope you don't mind if I quote you?
    Sorry you are having difficulty regarding my post, I will try to explain.
    Fact = "must"
    As the final release is to be free only for those computers already installed with either W7 or W8.1.
    Common sense dictates that it "must" be possible for M$ to confirm that only existing computers with the above O/S`s are eligible for an upgrade otherwise everyone no matter what O/S they had could claim a freebie.Therefore upgrading is the way to do it.

    Hypothetical. note:- "should" or "perhaps" = might = maybe.
    Media "should" still be available to purchase either through the M$ website to be downloaded, or "perhaps" DVD,s or USB memory sticks for laptops without DVD,s at computer shops, though it would not surprise me if M$ only permitted the sale of the software was only available from them.

    Only when M$ release the finished product, will they announce how to obtain the O/S.
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    dencal said: View Post
    The intention of Microsoft is that all new installations of W10 on computers with W7 and W8.1 will be done by updating,
    You may be right; you may be wrong. I'm not going to argue the issue with you; however, there is one thing that will happen with my computers:

    In the event I can only get Windows 10 through an upgrade, no matter how inconvenient, every one of my computers will have a very clean, very fresh installation of Windows 7 or 8.1 (depending on the number of licenses I have) with nothing else installed! Nothing!

    dencal said: View Post
    If you have a M$ account it would make the whole process of transferring all your data a doddle.
    Dunno what a doddle is.

    dencal said: View Post
    As for your opinion regarding an ISO install is better, only if you have messed about with the registry or have a compromised computer.
    I believe this is an inaccurate statement. I let Build 10061 upgrade from Build 10049. As with many others here, I couldn't open apps from the Start Menu. Things were a pretty big mess. So, I created an ISO from the ESD file in Build 10061 and did a clean install. Every one of my apps on the Start Menu open when I click on them! I can guarantee you that I had not been messing around in my Registry, although I do when necessary or feasible. Build 10049 was an update and so was the first install of Build 10061; therefore, it's pretty much a given that my computer wasn't and is not compromised.

    I've been thinking a lot about those who tell us we shouldn't go into the registry; that Microsoft doesn't want us to do that . . . My contention is that if we shouldn't work within the Registry, then Microsoft would have closed it off to us, as they have many other things Windows.

    Right click the Start Window, click on Run and type Regedit in the little window that shows. Is there a warning? I didn't see one. When I press Enter, I am immediately taken into the Registry. I can then go in and do what I need to do.

    dencal said: View Post
    Others like myself have updated each issue without problem during the installation, obviously bugs have been found afterwards, but surely isn't this why M$ have released these previews is to sort out these out.
    Key words here are Others like myself have updated . . . I agree that many have updated from day one without issue; however, there seem to be many more unlike yourself that have not been able to update without issue, whether it be one build or another.

    When testing Microsoft product (or any other company's product), nothing is black or white. We will always have green, yellow, red, purple, etc. That's just the nature of the beast.
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    davehc said: View Post
    My own experience, shared only by a few on another forum.
    I went on the upgrade, in the first instance, from 056 to 061. Among other changes of folder size, the most significant was the Driver Store, which went from 1GB to a whopping 26GB. Something certainly put in there. A clean install of 061 left it at 1gb.
    In both cases, the OS ran without any scary problems.
    It will be interesting to see if you have any problems when upgrading to the next iteration after a clean install on 061?
    Perhaps something allowing an update could be missing which might be a reason for so many members having upgrading problems.
    Keep us updated.
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       28 Apr 2015 #53

    alphanumeric said: View Post
    I've had issues after doing upgrade installs. No such issues after a clean install though. Clean install is usually a lot faster too.
    Absolutely, Alpha. Although it's a pain in the tookus, after each update, I use the ESD file to create an ISO so I can get the full benefit of the build.

    Notably, a clean install of Build 10061 has eliminated the worst bugs so far. :)
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       28 Apr 2015 #55

    Roger said: View Post
    Will Microsoft require me to buy Win8.1 Pro, install it on a new machine, and then upgrade it to Win10 before I sell it as a Win10 machine? This has me very concerned so any official information that you have regarding this issue would be most appreciated.
    Of course not, Roger. You should be able to buy an OEM copy of Windows 10.
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       28 Apr 2015 #56

    Roger said: View Post
    And where do I get the install media?
    Dencal just informed us that all installs will be done by upgrade?
    I'm confused!
    OK, I'm putting myself at risk of being attacked here for not knowing what I'm talking about, but . . . :)

    There is not one of us here unless he/she is a Microsoft employee and who is on the Windows 10 Team who actually knows exactly what Microsoft has in mind or will require once Windows 10 is released.

    And that's a fact, Jack . . . errr, ummm, I mean Roger.
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       28 Apr 2015 #57

    Gary said: View Post
    I will do the upgrade method. I have two clones of Windows 7 just in case I have an issue or issues.
    Smart, Gary. Guess I should do that with my licenses too.
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       28 Apr 2015 #58

    bobsagetfullhou said: View Post
    Yeah, I know. They kind of force you to go to the "shadier" parts of the internet to get an ISO or go through the annoying process of an ESD conversion.
    Hey Bob, it's not really all that hard to convert; if I can figure it out anyone can. :)

    Here's the tutorial if you haven't seen it yet. ESD to ISO - Create Bootable ISO from Windows 10 ESD File - Windows 10 Forums
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  10.    28 Apr 2015 #59

    Interesting.. but has there been an official announcement on what MS will do with Win10 with the update procedure.. if so where's the link??
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