Windows 10: Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10061 now available

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  1.    26 Apr 2015 #270

    linw said: View Post
    @simrick - I've got a test setup on a similar Laptop. It is running 10061 now. Must admit this is a bit marginal but it does run.

    Biggest problem is with the Synaptics touchpad driver. The old 2006 one works but win 10 keeps installing a new 2015 one and it immediately crashes with the watchdog error if you touch the pad!

    It often hangs on cold startup as well. Those little circled dots just stop circling! A restart always gets it going, though.

    But, like I said, this is just an experiment and I don't intend buying a licence for it.
    My problem in v10041 was that I had a wireless mouse installed, and every time I would touch the touchpad, it would freeze the system and then blue screen. I had to "disable the touchpad when mouse is installed" to get rid of that problem. I hate touchpads anyway....
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  2.    26 Apr 2015 #271

    Joan Archer said: View Post
    I'll probably have problems like that if I try to install 10 on my desktop, it runs 7 at the moment but came with Vista and only has 2GB of RAM.
    I've finally got it working and it's running like a champ! I'm very happy, although I did have to install Classic Shell - the start button was completely non-functional.
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  3. TechnoMage's Avatar
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       26 Apr 2015 #272

    I downloaded both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of 10061. The 32 bit ver went on an older Dell laptop with only a 32 bit CPU.
    After the first install, I could not set the Time Zone. Also I could not set the time duration for the desktop slide show.

    So after thinking about it for a while I wiped out the first install and did it again, being very careful to get every detail of the install correct.
    (I never put in a MS Account or a Password)

    After the second install, I set the time zone and slide show time delay and everything else is working fine. No problem with just two GB of ram. Windows 10 runs just fine in that amount of ram. I'm not a gamer, so I don't need tons of ram.

    Once again, I dump a half dozen useful shortcut icons on the desktop and so far I've not needed the Classic Shell, which I always have handy just in case I need it.

    When I installed the 64 bit ver of 10061 on a newer HP Laptop, with a 64 bit AMD CPU and 4 GB of ram, I had no problems at all.
    Everything I've tried is working just fine.

    I really love how intuitive the installer is, getting the PC on the internet.

    So far, 10061 is a keeper!

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  4.    26 Apr 2015 #273

    Last night when I went to bed there was no Hibernate in this build. I posted a bunch of feedback in Insider Hub which was flooded by Hibernate fans, and prepared to go on MVP Yammer group.

    This morning I wake up and there is a Hibernate in Power Options and working from my Desktop link, but not on the Start Shutdown button. What gives?
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  5. COMPUTIAC Guest
       26 Apr 2015 #274

    I had the same problem with Hibernate also. Then it started working out of nowhere.
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  6. TechnoMage's Avatar
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    Win 7 Pro/32, Win 10 Pro/64/32
       27 Apr 2015 #275

    Gee! Mine never works!
    Because, it's one of those things I disable during my custom setup. It's been troublesome to so many people over the years, so I just disable it. They can hide it if they want.... I don't care because I use a Batch File to disable it.

    That also gets rid of that humongous 'hiberfil.sys' file that takes up so much HD space.

    "Sleep" is another one of those troublesome things that I don't allow on my Computers.

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  7. Vladimir's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Build 14267
       27 Apr 2015 #276

    I also hate "sleep"
    I'm the only one here that can sleep ! I'm tired...

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  8. Joan Archer's Avatar
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       27 Apr 2015 #277

    I've never used hibernate or sleep on my machines so it's not something I'll miss. I'm another that doesn't use the touchpad on this Asus, I did try it for awhile but couldn't really get on with it so I've got an old Microsoft Optical Wheel mouse connected via USB and have the setting to disable the touchpad when it's connected.

    I have 10061 but I don't start the VM as much as I should, I'll turn on the computer in a morning and check emails then have to do other things and by the time I think about it again quite often it's a bit to late to start the VM and play.
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  9.    27 Apr 2015 #278

    Hibernate is perfected in Win7 and has worked fine for six months in TP. I like it enough I'd change if 10 had dropped it.

    For me it means I can leave my session open and walk away and not worry about shutdown whether I come back in 5 days or 5 months. The work is saved to hard drive and PC powered off. Then it Resumes twice as fast as Startup.

    But if only sleep is used, a PC that is not used for 5 months and is inadvertently sleeping is wearing RAM the whole time while saving the session. It needs Hibernate as a safety net for RAM if nothing else.
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  10.    27 Apr 2015 #279

    I normally have my PC powered on all day, however I don't use it 24/7 so when I'm not using it I like to put it to sleep. I haven't tested the "sleep" in build 10061, but it wasn't working in 10049.

    My PC must be restless or somethin.
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