Windows 10: What's the best and worst browser for Windows 10?

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  1.    22 Oct 2016 #30

    best browser for win 10, -even chrome uses a lot of resources, I can watch YT vids very clearly. as for worst, hands down, edge. performance-wise, execution of simple commands all fall into the fail category. Microsoft needs to take it back to the drawing board. edge browser, a protégé of IE. -imho. before the AU, edge worked flawlessly. and now after the AU, it stinks.
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       22 Oct 2016 #31

    I didn't care for Edge from the beginning being an incomplete browser right off of the bat needing a bit too much work. MS didn't quite think it through before seeing Edge be the total replacement before it would be ready for prime time!

    IE however still had to go despite the efforts to see it improved for Vista and 7 onward to 8 it was time to be retired. The unfortunate part being when MS finally got around to it you ended up with Edge still in need of much work. The other thing about Edge besides lacking all the codecs other browsers enjoy would be it resembles Chrome quite a bit as far as lacking the main tool bar on top and being a bit awkward at times for those who put more tasks on a browser to begin with. Eventually MS will have to get it right however.
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    Night Hawk said: View Post
    Often it will prove not to be the browser but the modem or router needing to be refreshed.
    ....The old "ipconfig" commands at the command prompt that are used to resolve the network issue that comes up.
    Unplugging both is a simple first step, time saving, and advisable solution. Have done that to the cable modem and my Nighthawk R7000 router, yet I'm still getting random browser 'no response', whether from FF or WF. It has to be the Win10 OS. I can live with watching the brief rotating little blue circles.
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       22 Oct 2016 #33

    The problem of seeing the connection drop off on 10 is no different then seeing it happen with W7. Every so often the connection needs to be refreshed. That can be recycling power on things, refreshing it in Windows, or both physical and OS. Just this week I had to refresh the modem and router at first not giving it a couple of extra minutes needed while resyncing with the ISP. I was on the way out at the time.

    Once I got back I then left the modem, router unplugged a full minute longer and let the modem resync leaving the router unplugged an extra two minutes or so and not one hiccup since. Sometimes you simply end up needing to repeat the same steps a few more times before it takes in order to get the lasting results you want. When the connection dropped too fast the first I also found the reset button on the modem didn't flash with it's circular led as it should have telling me the first effort flopped.

    Once that was seen to the load time for each browser which includes Chrome, Netscape Navigator 9 even along with the three FF based and a few other open source browsers like Ice Weasel for Windows(seen with Debian based distros mainly), Pale Moon, and add Opera to the list the speed increase was noticeable! Another thing noticed and why I run with several browsers as well as the three FF based is one version of WF for example might become a problem where I can easily switch off that to favor either FF or CyberFox if not one of the others until the next working version of the first is out.
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  5.    22 Oct 2016 #34

    I am not bothered about the benchmarks, I just base it around which ones give me the least grief. To that end I'd place Mozilla at the top of the pile and Edge firmly at the bottom.
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       23 Oct 2016 #35

    Sounds about right! "did he say... what?" "Reliability Matters!"

    I had to give up on IE within the first year W7 was out due to constant freeze ups and crashes when having multiple browser windows open! I had already tried both Opera and the 32bit FF only seen back then but knew I had to find something else to replace IE!

    Along came WaterFox as the first of the other 64bit browsers to make an entrance and I have been keeping on the pair of desktops all this time the laptops simply see the 64bit FF when first upgrading the older 7 laptop that went and later back in January it's W10 replacement.
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    Winuser said: View Post
    For me I don't care about test result. I prefer Pale Moon\Firefox. Even though Edge has come a long way in the Insider release I still don't see it being my main browser. I also feel MS should have waited until Edge was more improved before releasing it to the general public.
    I do not see a big issue releasing it as it was as there are aternatives if it did not work, ie is still available etc.

    The more who try it, the more feedback to improve it - it does not cost anything so no big deal. The biggest issue doing this is if tool gets a bad reputation but thatvis at MS's risk.

    Re worst and best

    Best - Edge
    Worst - Edge
    LOL (Edge is good in performance terms, poor in flexibility (addons)).
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