Windows 10: What's the best and worst browser for Windows 10?

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  1. lopedoggie's Avatar
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       06 Jul 2016 #10

    The one that puts the least stress on your system. Here it is Waterfox 64bit. Monitoring and Stress testing with AIDA64 Engineer benchmark testing methods and procedures. The number one factor I am looking for is the heat generated during testing followed by CPU loading. Waterfox produces the lowest numbers using an i74790K engineering sample 8 core, 4.5ghz settings, GPU AMD R9 295X2 liquid cooled video graphics processing system.Click image for larger version. 

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       06 Jul 2016 #11

    That's good to know in addition to other findings I have seen over the last 4-5yrs. of use. The WF base code is still FF but the Waterfox project was first at introducing the 64bit form of FF since Mozilla was behind in that area until FF x64 finally came out lately.

    One of the first things besides besides another 64bit browser to work with along with IE x64 was for the longest time not running into browser hangs when having multiple windows open as IE was being plagued with. Recently when WF was seeing the same I switched over the Cyberfox variant 64bit as well and later FF 64 until the 3rd and 4th releases got buggy. It helps having multiple choices and good to know you have something not a resource hog!
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       07 Jul 2016 #12

    Interesting set of results.

    I ran the tests using Edge 13 and Chrome 51. IF I take in to account the tolerances on each of the tests, I find that the tests are ALL (excluding HTML5) inconclusive, with such small differences between Edge and Chrome to make not really possible to say the one is better than the other.

    So, why do others measure such vastly different results? How much does the choice of hardware and location affect the results?

    Chrome did have AdblockPlus extension running during the test.

    This reply was generated via Chrome 51. Subjectively, Chrome appeared to be slower processing and generating the reply when compared to a reply to another thread via Edge 13.
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  4.    07 Jul 2016 #13

    Hi there

    These sorts of questions are relatively meaningless -- what's better an Audi or BMW.

    You can't always decide these things on purely technical stuff --in any case access speed to web sites is a silly way of measuring anyway -- so many variables need to be considered --Your network, Network to remote site, loading of remote website, routing connections, efficiency of code on remote web site etc.

    Things like how the user likes the GUI, whether it can handle the applications the user likes to run, ease of "favourites / Bookmarks" access and so on are far more important than whether a few nanoseconds less time is better.

    Of course ALL browsers should be SAFE to use - but even here a lot of problems are generally caused by bad user surfing habits than limitations in the browser.

    in any case so long as a page loads within around 1 - 3 secs max nobody has any problems. Longer than that people just visit another site - whatever browser they use.

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  5. TairikuOkami's Avatar
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       07 Jul 2016 #14

    jimbo45 said: View Post
    in any case so long as a page loads within around 1 - 3 secs max nobody has any problems.
    Indeed, when I am some computers I am shocked, how slowly they load. Not to mention browser's start. If mine would be launching for 3 secs, I would be concerned, more than 6 secs, I would reinstall Windows. I have zero tolerance for slow.
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  6. Posts : 242
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       07 Jul 2016 #15

    I carried out a few more "tests", and then compared trace results for each of the tests with each other.

    For my location, with the exception of the Octane 2.0 test ( locally cached), are all from servers located at the other end of an approximately 175ms international link. Further, taking into account one hop which has 4 different "paths" that packets could be taking, and I end up completely destroying the validity of these "tests" in being able to evaluate which Browser is "best", for my hardware given my location and the network/s at my disposal to carry out the tests..

    So, the conclusions drawn in favour of Chrome or any other browser, and indeed excluding other browsers from consideration in this "shootout" are therefore as far as I am concerned completely meaningless.

    The only one that provides some sort of objectivity is the html5 test, which measures compliance against a standard .....

    So, subjectively speaking, I am completely happy with MS Edge 13, and I have high hopes that Edge will be better after the 2nd August. I will continue to use IE 11 when requiring extension support or when a website specifically requires that IE is used, and will continue to make sure Chrome is available for emergencies.

    As to the other browsers mentioned in this thread and the tests, well, having never used them, I will refrain from claiming anything regarding their suitability or otherwise.
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  7.    07 Jul 2016 #16

    There doesn't seem to really be a best or worst. Some people have problems with Firefox (like me) and others love it. Then you get the ones who have problems with Chrome (mine works fine). Maybe it's the computers themselves. Manufacturer maybe? Who knows. Like i said Chrome works great for me on my HP.
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  8. Night Hawk's Avatar
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       07 Jul 2016 #17

    Another factor to weigh in as well besides the Kraken download speed test explaining why the results are in milliseconds where IE came in last place would be "Preferences"! For me Google Chrome as well as Flock look like half of what other browsers look like. No menu bar across the top option, the options available not as many are buried at times, etc. The next will rave how wonderful Chrome is in contrast.

    As for speed that varies even on a fresh full clean install of Windows with nothing else running if the ISP servers are bogged down with heavy traffic making browser seconds to arrive at home page timing obsolete. Go back in 5 minutes once a server lightens up and whamo you arrive in a second or two in contrast to a 10 second slow as a turtle wait when busy.

    I think the mention of the find that the default browser used here most often is light on resources is encouraging while the same for Waterfox 47 should be what would be seen for FF 47 x64 as well since they are different mainly in name and where to download from while still seeing the identical FF base coding. Waterfox took the Kraken speed test over Edge, Chrome, Opera, Pale Moon, and lastly IE. It didn't fare as well as Chrome on the HTML 5 Test site there however while taking a lead over Edge, Pale Moon, and IE.

    The important thing to remember is that the results will vary for each person as well as likely seeing different results with multiple runs for each site and for each browser as well as the varying ISP factors to take into consideration. The only accuracy that can be achieved would be by running these types of tests on a closed network where there is no outside interferences.
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  9. Ztruker's Avatar
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       07 Jul 2016 #18

    Easier to see this way (for me anyway)

    What's the best and worst browser for Windows 10?

    A check (✔) has been placed next to tests won by that particular browser, and a cross (✗) next to the worst result.

    Chrome Firefox Opera IE 11 Edge
    JetStream 1.1 125.12 111.61 114.47 ✗84.76 ✔151.16
    Kraken 1.1 ✔1371.7 1744.3 1536.8 ✗2970.1 1564.7
    Octane 2.0 ✔21123 19273 20673 ✗11278 19452
    RoboHornet Did not run 90.4 131.01 92.23 ✗85.19
    HTML 5 Test ✔526 478 525 ✗348 458
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  10. Computer Chicken's Avatar
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       07 Jul 2016 #19

    MS Edge is my all time favourite! Chrome is my runner up.
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