The latest Microsoft rumors are pointing to a Windows 10 hardware launch this Fall, but no brand-new Kaby Lake-powered Surface devices until later 2017.

It's increasingly looking like we'll be seeing at least some new Surface products in calendar 2016, though nothing that could be construed as a major new form factor or update.

That's what my sources are saying, as of late. And it jibes with a new hint that at least one new Surface-branded product is coming before the end of calendar 2016.

I've written previously that Microsoft had decided to postpone its "Redstone 2" update until Spring 2017 because of a need to align new hardware with the next major update to Windows 10.

I'm still hearing Redstone 2, a k a, the version of Windows 10 that will follow the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which will be arriving August 2, is still a Spring 2017 thing. But talk of any kind of Spring 2017 hardware launch has dissipated, at least among my contacts...

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