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It's Gabe again from our Operating Systems Group (OSG) with more updates on the Windows Insider Program. Since I last wrote to you, we've had over one million more Windows Insiders join the program!

One reason for the growing interest was our latest PC build (which I wrote about here). Another reason was the launch of our first build of Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones – we are now on our second build. This is the earliest publically-available preview we've ever released for Windows on phones and is still very much under development.

It was also great to see the public reaction to Microsoft HoloLens, the first untethered holographic computer running Windows 10. We have updated the Microsoft HoloLens website to address the most frequently asked questions submitted by you since the announcement.

To make your Insider experience even better:

◾ Based on your feedback, we're going to send out builds more frequently to Windows Insiders that have selected "Fast" preview builds. That means you can getting fresher code with all of the features and fixes, more often – but builds may include more bugs. Read my blog for more details. To switch to slow or fast builds on your PC, go to Settings>Update & recovery>Advanced options. On your phone, go to the Windows Insider app.

◾ Go to the Insider Hub in the Start menu on your PC for the latest updates, including new features (like the new Office preview apps) and simple workarounds to issues you may encounter with the new builds. (A Hub for phones is coming soon.)

◾ Check out the new Get Started app (also in the Start menu) that guides you through the latest features.

◾ Go to the Windows Insider Community forum to connect with other Insiders, get tips and advice, and help solve problems.

Info for Developers

The Windows 10 developer tools are now available and provide an early look at the tools and features that are coming with the Windows universal app platform. See how your apps can take advantage of new Windows capabilities and social integration to create experiences that delight your customers, whether they’re running on a phone, tablet, or PC. Application developers can get Insider access to Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 and the tools, including SDK, here. Hardware developers can get access to tools here. (English-language availability only.)

Info for IT pros

Have questions about drivers, virtualization, and multi-boot scenarios? Ready to try the in-place upgrade process? Need help with a specific setup or installation problem? Check out these TechNet resources:

Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview: FAQ for IT professionals
Try it out: Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview
Windows 10 for Enterprise: More secure and up to date

We continue to be humbled by the passion that we've seen from our Windows Insiders since we launched the program. And yes, we are keeping track of every bit of feedback we receive. So keep it coming!

In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter @gabeaul for other breaking news.



P.S. If you haven't already installed Windows 10 Technical Preview, you can do it here. (If you are an IT pro, Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview is here.) This is pre-release software, so check out Before you install to be sure it is right for you.

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