Available policies for Microsoft Edge
GPOs for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, Version 1607 or later Allow Extensions Show message
when opening sites in IE

Applies to:
•Windows 10 Insider Preview
•Windows 10 Mobile

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Microsoft Edge works with Group Policy and Microsoft Intune to help you manage your organization's computer settings. Group Policy objects (GPO's) can include registry-based Administrative Template policy settings, security settings, software deployment information, scripts, folder redirection, and preferences.

By using Group Policy and Intune, you can set up a policy setting once, and then copy that setting onto many computers. For example, you can set up multiple security settings in a GPO that's linked to a domain, and then apply all of those settings to every computer in the domain.

For more info about Group Policy, see the Group Policy TechCenter. This site provides links to the latest technical documentation, videos, and downloads for Group Policy. For more info about the tools you can use to change your Group Policy objects, see the Internet Explorer 11 topics, Group Policy and the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), Group Policy and the Local Group Policy Editor, Group Policy and the Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM), and Group Policy and Windows Powershell
Source and more: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/...lable-policies