With E3 2016 just a few weeks away, Xbox One rumors are floating around now than more over. Brad Sams, though, went live on his Sams Report podcast this morning and cited a “pile of documents” that has allegedly revealed some more new information about what to expect from Microsoft at E3.

Sams has been reliable with Xbox news in the past, for example regarding the existence of an Xbox One Elite controller. While his information is not official, this might be as close to a real announcement as we’re likely to see prior to E3. Nevertheless, take everything here with the obligatory massive nugget of salt.

Sams believes that Microsoft has plans for releasing more than one new piece of hardware at E3 2016. He also believes that Microsoft is planning to release two new streaming devices, a compact device about the size of a Chromecast and another one that is somewhat larger. In terms of pricing, he thinks the larger device may be $175-150 dollars, and believes that it may be able to run apps and play games. The smaller one, meanwhile, will be priced at around $100...

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