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Those laptops probably support windows 10 without any problem (I have installed windows 10 on quite old laptops in worst case windows 7 driver usually works).
Problem probably is not being able to upgrade remotely. For that you need some thing like vPro hardware, because remote control software doesn't work when OS isn't running normally (during upgrade).
Welcome to the Ten Forums! VBJP I took an HP 7 Home Premium 32bit laptop and ran with the 64bit flavor of 10 Home without hardly seeing any issues note once the OEM crap was wiped off of the drive completely and then seeing a working second clean install of the 64bit following the initial 32bit upgrade and 32bit clean install but found the OEM Primary couldn't be resized in any manner and had to go!

For the main and not second desktop build the sound card has to see a fresh software install followed by the immediate web update for the older model expansion card. The long discontinued tv tuner card 10 found the main driver for lacked even a 7 updated version of the Vista update took the app for that old PCI card from a new PCIe model apparently still seeing the same chip onboard and that model's 8.1 update likely last to be seen is now working on 10 with ease since 8.1 was the immediate predacessor to 10.

Since the Vista,7 start off unlike the folly of going from Legacy to ME or 2000 to XP and then Vista being a strange new animal without any initial support drivers from 7 on have been found to work as new as on 10 since MS got busy on improving the backward compatibility in order to get everyone on 10 with existing hardwares! This was all thought out a long time ago before MS came up with the 10 app and KB3035583 being jammed down everyone's throat as to how to deal with the vast differences in hardwares. Make 10 compatibility backward flexible as much as possible as far as hardwares while major software companies will simply have to still put out newer versions as they would anyways!