Windows 10: Microsoft Releases Another Windows 7/8.1 Patch That Forces Windows 10

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  1.    06 May 2016 #10

    if you don't want to upgrade just install GWX control panel you and it wont force you too
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  2.    06 May 2016 #11

    There is definitely truth to what has been said about MS knowing people will stay with Windows. I am one of those, pretty unimpressed with Windows 10 but will stick with it because I have so many games accrued over the years which simply won't run on OSX. But it still shouldn't be forced down people's throats, if someone wants to stay on Windows 7 they should be left alone to do so.

    It's a tough one really, Windows and OS X (plus it's iOS spin offs) both have their problems. Apple's mantra of 'it just works' is baloney - I see enough bugs. I would never switch to Linux as I have no clue what it is apart from another operating system. I don't suppose it would do me much good wanting to play games and keep with the simple and familiar. I suppose OS X bugs and problems are less so than Windows. But then it should be, after all Apple has much more control than Microsoft over hardware and software - so in essence I find their bugs less forgiveable.

    I guess the resentment boils down to Windows 10 being forced onto people, being buggy, forcing updates and in my case wishing Windows 7 was the last OS and the one they would build upon with patches over time.

    I also struggle to see how serious businesses would be in any hurry to move from Windows 7 to 10 - the desktop/tablet hybrid OS theme surely doesn't sit well in these institutions. I guess it's better than 8 and 8.1 which looked pretty ridiculous with that Metro interface (I skipped right over 8 and 8.1)
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       06 May 2016 #12

    MrBill said: View Post
    Ya think? :)

    All debated on Macs simply because they didn't want the hassle of learning Windows 10,
    They would switch to a completely different operating system rather than learn a few new things that were changed in their familiar operating system?
    That sounds bizarre to me.
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  4.    06 May 2016 #13

    Victek said: View Post
    I've heard people talk about making the switch to the Mac and I have to wonder how many have really evaluated the Mac OS? In my experience it seems the "ease of use" is the result of hiding more of the OS from the user. Technical operations are still complex, but it's harder to drill down and find the necessary settings; users are just as lost on the Mac as they are on Windows. The big difference is they can go to the local Apple store where there are people who actually know what they're doing and get help from them. That's part of what they pay extra for.
    If your going to give up on Windows and go Apple, your going to pay (a premium) for all new gear. Your not just switching your currently installed OS. For most Windows users that would be a big expense.

    Anyway to get back on topic, my point was. If they thought even for a moment, that people would leave the Windows ecosystem over these tactics they wouldn't be doing it. As far as I can tell, those leaving are few and far between.
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  5.    06 May 2016 #14

    I have one computer with Win 10 and 4 with either Win 7 or 8.1.
    I like Windows 10 but don't like the forced updates. I want to update when I want to update not when MS thinks I should. I've been debating on the free upgrade to 10 on the other 4 systems but the update setup has kept me from doing it.
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  6.    06 May 2016 #15

    I think overriding customer choice is a betrayal of trust.
    we are not talking about the odd person who forgot about the upgrade (as if they can), but people who have specifically chosen to NOT upgrade and have taken steps to say 'No I don't want the upgrade or the nag'

    Choice is being taken away, it now comes bundled with a heap of crap most of which I spend half the day turning off, adverts in your start menu, forced upgrades.. it's not really what I have come to know as a desktop OS, its more and more like I find on my phone every day

    I dislike windows Ten, frankly its the ugliest OS I have ever seen from Microsoft (in this time period), what's with those ugly squares if they are going t make it like Andriod or AOS then why not at least make it look pretty and offer customisable and colourable tiles?

    The question I would really like the answer to, and probably never know is how many people would be on Windows Ten if it was still free, but hadn't installed nag-ware on other OS's, I know at least 4 people who 'upgraded' in ignorance.
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  7.    06 May 2016 #16

    Without the free upgrade they would mostly be depending on new PC sales. And I do believe PC sales are in a slump. Windows 10 is free to me anyway as I have an MSDN subscription. I'd be running it free offer or no free offer. If I didn't have my MSDN subscription, and there was no free upgrade, I'd likely still be running Windows 7 and 8.1 on my PC's. I don't have the funds to buy 10 for all my PC's.
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       06 May 2016 #17

    zooburner said: View Post
    I think overriding customer choice is a betrayal of trust.
    I dislike the nagging and my customers do as well. When I see the GWX icon ask them about Windows 10 and if they don't want it and would like the notifications to stop I use GWX Control Panel to turn it off. I agree that it would be more polite if you could say No once and the nags would go away. That said are there documented cases of Windows 10 actually installing without user consent? What I sometimes see is people give in to the nagging and initiate the install, then discover they don't like it and want it rolled back. I have not seen an instance where 10 installed without user permission.
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       06 May 2016 #18

    All the complainants and there are many all seem to forget one thing.
    It is Microsoft who OWN the product, and as a user you must accept their terms, you are only granted a licence to use the product.
    Of course its a nuisance being bombarded to upgrade, but its to M$s benefit to get everyone on one operating system for no other reason than operating costs.
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  10.    06 May 2016 #19

    I think OS X could be an attractive proposition - am toying with getting an iMac. I have never had a Mac. The over pricing is a concern though. Deep down I prefer Windows and will always have it for a gaming PC but I really dislike the way Windows has gone since 7. I want a desktop OS, not some kind of hybrid mobile centric OS.

    i guess OS X would fit quite well in our household as we use iPhones, iPads and even Apple TV. Just never wanted a Mac till now. I suppose Windows 10 being able to run iTunes and iCloud control panel prob makes it a reasonable companion to these iOS devices but OS X would be better as iMessage and FaceTime come into play.

    i wouldn't mind Windows 10 being forced if it wasn't for the fact it's so immature and buggy (at least at the moment) - apples products / OS are also buggy but much less so.

    i guess what I am saying in a rambling roundabout way is I wouldn't of looked twice at OS X until Windows 10 came along such is the dissapointment
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