Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14328 for PC and Mobile Insider

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  1.    23 Apr 2016 #190

    sgage said: View Post
    But what is the algorithm? Sometimes I get them instantly, sometimes the next day, sometimes several days down the line. In my experience, it has been very inconsistent.
    I wish I could tell you.
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       23 Apr 2016 #191

    BunnyJ said: View Post
    I wish I could tell you.
    Off topic and BTW, I just have to tell you that when I was a little kid (and that's starting to be a LONG time ago) I grew up with a framed original animation cell painting of Bambi and Thumper (looking VERY much like your avatar) from Disney studios from the Bambi animated production, hanging on my bedroom wall. Every time I see your avatar, it reminds me of long ago and far away...
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       23 Apr 2016 #192

    badrobot said: View Post
    I think MS is rotating the build rollout. I used to get the new builds late also but yesterday it immediately showed up.
    So far, except for a couple of times getting it the second day, I seem to be close to the top of the list.

    Now watch me be at the bottom of the next build.
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  4.    23 Apr 2016 #193

    EdTittel said: View Post
    I've got Win10 Pro on a Dell Venue Pro 11 7130, and Win10 Enterprise on a homebrew PC, both now upgraded to Build 14328. Interestingly I ran into driver issues on both machines with the network interface. The Killer e2200 has been a chronic issue of this kind: apparently it's not in the standard bag of drivers that MS maintains. The Dell has a rebranded Atheros Wi-Fi/BT interface named Dell Wireless 1537 802.11 a/b/g/n. It's been hit-or-miss for me whether or not the installer catches and installs a driver. This time, it did not. Good thing I have an ASIX USB 3.0-GbE dongle that I can plug into either machine and jack into my local GbE wired Ethernet here in the office. Both took less than 5 minutes each to fix, because I've done them many times before.
    Funny that you mention that!...I have the Killer e2200 myself on my present motherboard, an MSI 970 Gaming, an AMD chipset board, and it has actually never been a problem for me--what happens is that, like my GPU driver, it is simply carried forward by the upgrade install as opposed to being replaced by a similar Microsoft driver. Thought I'd mention that...and I've begun to loathe Atheros network adapter drivers anywhere I see them--there's something about those darned Atheros drivers that doesn't play well with the Plug & Play routines in Windows. I don't have an Atheros myself but have seen plenty of them on colleague's machines--where they've often caused trouble--sometimes real head-scratching troubles with Windows configuration. Seems to be your situation, as well. I won't purchase anything with that hardware/software driver combination.

    2. Had to reinstall Intel RST on the VP 11 as well, because AHCI driver got rolled back a couple of generations.
    During more than one build I had insoluble problems with *what I think* involved my AHCI driver and my Samsung EVO 850 256GB Win10 boot drive (which requires AHCI and won't function under an IDE driver) . I suspect that at least two builds simply wouldn't install at all because of AHCI problems--but I don't know that because while Microsoft fixed the bugs (I had reported them, too) they didn't write up the bug or identify it as fixed even after it obviously was (since I could install later builds.)

    I am still, however, having problems with with the latest Win10 builds (14316 & 14328) with my UEFI bios "Windows 8" settings particular to secure-boot and fast-boot. Often lately, the only way I can install a build is to completely disable these UEFI functions. After installation I can reenable the secure/fast-boot functions--but then the Samsung Magician EVO software can no longer see the AHCI or Sata3 bus...;) the Magician software thinks my S3/AHCI bus is simply disabled--even though it is working else the drive could not function and Win10 would not boot...;)

    5. Running RAPR (DriverStore Explorer) on both machines, found numerous duplicate/outdated drivers in that store after the upgrade install finished. All are now cleaned out (can provide details if anybody's interested).
    Looked in there myself more than once and been amazed at what's there...;) Gives the "last known good configuration" setting a new meaning...;)

    So far, though, everything seems to be running OK and I'm having fun exploring all the new interface stuff. Especially like Windows Update and the Action Center changes.

    See my earlier post in the thread...I reverted to 14316...;) Sometimes I forget the sublime joys of beta testing.
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       23 Apr 2016 #194

    Edwin said: View Post
    Tell me about it! When going to record the latest build going on I would have one VM still working on the Part # of 3 being display while moving the already at lock screen/sign in screens over to the primary in order to put in the password since you weren't able to switch off the email address for the MS account. At least I know the recording program will capture what is on VM now as well as displayed on the desktop where a brand new TH2 VM will be set up and recorded during the upgrade to this build!
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  6. badrobot's Avatar
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       23 Apr 2016 #195

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2016_04_24_03_06_451.png 
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  7. Night Hawk's Avatar
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       23 Apr 2016 #196

    A separate speed control option! Still waiting for the new VM to play catch up while the new recording is in progress. Hopefully it will be a "take you through each step" clip.
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  8.    24 Apr 2016 #197

    I have an object not found error when I enter my PIN to logon, password still works. The Settings/Accounts/Connexion Options page won't load to try to fix it. I had this on the last build and now on a clean install of this one.
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  9.    24 Apr 2016 #198

    And as expected, still no f*cking option, to change/increase the (modern GUI/Apps) system fonts.
    Whats wrong with these guys?
    And yes, I'm aware of the scaling options...
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  10. Night Hawk's Avatar
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc
       24 Apr 2016 #199

    Maybe a 4-5hr wait again for the new VM as seen previously when first setting each of the others. The recording will remain on pause until it shows up.

    So far still haven't gotten to using any pin or picture to log in with. The VMs are set to login automatically as well as the main since I might have to bounce back and forthe between the 10 and 7 dual boot at times. That hasn't been seen much lately however for some reason. Seem to be spending too much time in 10!

    Update on the recording process. Despite the new VM already having been activated and still not receiving the latest build while all other updates have arrived the "Clean install from "$Windows~BT" folder backed up to a second volume created following an expansion of the vhd is now at 90%! The upgrade over failed finding it wasn't a suitable upgrade path for the newer Pro Insider build to upgrade over the Threshold 2 Pro? Just installed updates and now almost finishing up before restart and finishing up recording.

    Restarted and now will be waiting for fresh clean install to finish before next update on clean install from BT! Ended up using a 7 key after the first install took the 10 key. Will wait to see if watermark for 14328 build appears since TH2 lacks any!

    And the news is? The initial TH2 clean install on new VM accepted the 10 OEM for System Builders key while the Insider build wouldn't for the likely reasons where a 7 key was used after all initial attempts to first upgrade and after several attempts also finding that both despite being the 64bit 10 TH2 update to latest 14328 build wasn't a correct upgrade path? Yet the TH2 anything will readily take on any newer insider build coming by way of the WU. When the build wasn't prompted it then came down to seeing a totally clean install of 14328 take place from a seond partition created when expanding the VHD and then seeing the entire $Windows~BT folder backed up there not only for the clean install that came out successful but as a recovery method.

    This will next be tried on one of the desktops for the physical clean install to test this method of no media no mounted iso type but direct manual run of setup.exe file.
    Last edited by Night Hawk; 24 Apr 2016 at 05:38. Reason: additional information added
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