Windows 10: Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10041 now available

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  1.    23 Mar 2015 #260

    Some thingies on my side.
    MS driver for Realtek sound threatens to download and install but never does it since v2.75 is was installed. Even get a message in the corner that install is scheduled for "00.00 hours and asking to install now but there is only "Postpone" button.
    Every now and than I get a message that Defender is turned off and there is no active protection but it never happens. Defender is running and active.
    "dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth" deosn't budge from initial 20% and quits with error 0x800f081f "source file can not be found"
    sfc /scannow hits 10% max.
    Some programs like Firefox do not let taskbar (on autohide) to rise on primary monitor but does on secondary.
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    CountMike said: View Post
    "dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth" deosn't budge from initial 20% and quits with error 0x800f081f "source file can not be found"
    sfc /scannow hits 10% max.
    You might want to try running dism with the /source parameter the first time How to repair your system files using Dism and Sfc in build 10041 - Windows 10 Forums
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    I have come to the conclusion that build 10041 is a complete and utter waste of my time...

    An earlier Windows 10 build (in dual boot) wiped my entire hard drive, so every build since I have installed within VMPlayer. All other builds up until 10041 seemed to play fairly nice with VMPlayer. But 10041 has been a pain in the a$$ from the very first time.

    I originally got it via updates from my 9926 build, it seemed to install properly, but then later my right key click stopped working. I trashed the build and re-installed 9926 and did the update again. But now, it started giving a blue screen from within VMPlayer. I attempted several more of these and every time something else happened. Ended up trashing all of those.

    I didn't understand the ESD encryptor process, provided by Kari, but did find an .iso online. I re-installed this several times, because the install procedure using my Microsoft account didn't produce the file structure I wanted. It would name my user file the first five letters of my email account, and I wasn't given the opportunity name it other wise. Later I finally, figured out how to do the local account and proceeded from there. It was only then, I was able to get it to install the way I wanted it.

    Soon after I started running into problems again. After installing Google chrome browser I noticed some of my google apps wouldn't load. Specifically Netflix (which I use all the time), kept erring out. I went so far as to call Netflix support, but gave up. It wasn't worth worrying about on a TP build.

    Most of my Metro apps worked without incident, one even worked better than in 8.1. But there were other small things that were annoying (like, to uninstall an item), I had to pin them to start menu and uninstall from there, I was unable to uninstall from the left side menu. I also, noticed there was no easy method to turn off/on the tray icons on the right side of the taskbar. This was not available on menu items either. Nor was adding administration tools, an easy process. I think I ended up doing searches and dragging their locations to the desktop (can't remember). there were a few other items.

    Then the biggy hit. Cortana turned it's search box on automatically (I had icon only checked) with the search box and I was then unable to turn it off. I could no longer bring up my menu. I was able to drag the taskbar up, and what I found was, that there were dual Cortana and search processes running. I tried to take screenshots, but that effort was fruitless. the standard PrtScr didn't seem to work, at least I found no folder in my Pictures Library. Is there another way to get a screen shot in 10? or are they stored else where?

    Plus, what was all of Microsoft's talk about all the things they were adding to the menu for easy use? I found no difference other than Cortana seemed to work and transparency. So where were all of these enhancements, they boasted about? All of their talk of Spartan was not found either. And the PC Settings menu, seems far, far less helpful than past builds. It is as though, only half of the OS is there.

    Many standard things didn't work, I tried to bring up my network properties (these were not functional).

    After all of the wait time, I have come to the conclusion, that it was "A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME".

    Each 10 build has been worse than the one prior, IMO. By the time they are done, it will be a taskbar with Cortana and nothing else. I think they should throw out the baby and the bath water on this one, and start all over.
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       23 Mar 2015 #263

    f14tomcat said: View Post
    Wynona, totally off the subject, but look at this. Screenpresso: The Ultimate Screen Capture Tool for Windows Kari put me on to this screenshot program, and I just love it! Dick...
    Thanks to you and Kari for the link to this quite brilliant piece of free software.
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    The more I read these forums, the more I'm convinced that I'm not of this world. Nanu! Nanu!

    I absolutely refuse, to test a new OS on anything but a fresh, clean, blank hard drive, just like it would be installed on a brand new computer. To this old tech, that's the only way to adequately and reliably TEST a new OS. It must be in the same environment as it would on a new computer just coming out of the box from the factory, or it's not a reliable test. I test on so many different PC's of various age and capabilities, that I must have each new OS on it's own bootable DVD. I still have DVD's going all the way back to Windows 98.
    I just got the ISO for Windows 10, TP, 10041, 64 bit, yesterday morning and installed it on a little HP Laptop, about six years old, last night. It's running great. However on the same PC, the 32 bit version gave me nothing when I clicked the new start button, while the 64 bit version gives me a sort-of start menu. WTF?
    Nuff said on that.

    For years, I looked for a great little screen capture program. Some worked pretty well, and some totally wet the bed, but all lacked something. Then my software Guru introduced me to "Photo Filtre" (yes, I spelled it's French). And, it's FREE!

    Unlike some Screen Capture programs, it does not have to be running all the time.
    The ability to do a "Screen Capture" has already been on every PC since DOS. It's called the "Print Scrn" key on the keyboard.
    Or, on my laptop it's called "Prt Sc" (smaller keys).

    So, when I want to capture a screen, I just get the screen set up the way I want it, then press the 'Print Scrn' key on the keyboard.
    That sends the screen to the Windows Clipboard. Then you can 'Paste' the image into any graphics program you want.
    I use Photo Filter to paste into, run from an icon in the Quick Launch Toolbar (task bar) because it lets me do everything I need to do to a photo..... crop, resize, change contrast, tint, add text and color, and finally save in any format I desire. (BMP, JPG, etc.) It's as close to Photo Shop as I can get for FREE!

    Just a thought, , , or two.

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    Two of my pc's have W10, it took two attempts on one and three attempts on the other to get the latest build to take. One refuses to install Windows Defender, KB2267602 (1.193.3518.0). When I run WD, it says that the definitions are up to date.
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    Trust_No1 said: View Post

    I have come to the conclusion that build 10041 is a complete and utter waste of my time...
    That's such a surprise coming from you. You've been so positive about all the previous builds
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  8.    23 Mar 2015 #267

    I wouldn't call 10041 a waste of time really, it's all fun in my opinion,
    but it's definitely dickered in more ways than previous builds.
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    Mystere said: View Post
    That's such a surprise coming from you. You've been so positive about all the previous builds
    This build is working just fine on my PC.
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       23 Mar 2015 #269

    BunnyJ said: View Post
    This build is working just fine on my PC.
    (except for the updates STILL not working because Microsoft wants to force metered users to save their money... Go figure)
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