Windows 10: It's time for Microsoft to give up on Windows Phone and switch to....

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       13 Apr 2016 #1

    It's time for Microsoft to give up on Windows Phone and switch to....

    It's time for Microsoft to give up on Windows Phone and switch to Android

    Calm down folks, this isn't as crazy as it sounds. In fact, Microsoft's been quietly putting a lot of the groundwork for such a switch in place.

    By Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for Hardware 2.0 | April 12, 2016 -- 12:22 GMT (05:22 PDT)

    Windows Phone has all but died on the vine, and with less than 2 percent market share, it is unlikely to gain any new ground given the pummeling it is receiving from the twin mobile titans of iOS and Android.

    But one of those foes actually offers Microsoft a possible lifeline, and a way to make a bigger impact in the mobile space. It's time for Microsoft to dump Windows Phone and start making Android smartphones.

    Calm down folks, this isn't as crazy as it sounds. In fact, Microsoft's been quietly putting a lot of the groundwork for such a switch in place.

    First off, Microsoft has been working hard to bring a whole array of its tools and services to the platform. Office, OneDrive, Skype, along with all its cornerstone services, are already available to Android users (and, for that matter, iOS users too). And Microsoft is adding to this list all the time, such as with its acquisition of SwiftKey (which, ironically, was an app that was never made available for Windows Phone).

    I've used many of these apps, and Microsoft has done a wonderful job of bringing its products and services to both the Google and Apple ecosystems. The Office suite of apps is particularly respectable, and beats pretty much everything else on offer on Android.

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    This is the simple reason why I never considered a Windows phone. I have too many things that I bought on Android to consider another OS.
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    As a rule here I run with a simplified cell phone Samsung with texting capability as well as the built in camera 2x lux over the previous cell I had with the small pull out qbert I call it keyboard with more characters but a smaller display and only 1x lux cam seen in that.

    One day it fell out into a pail where I was thought it was DOA until trying it a year later to find it still worked once dried out! Packing a cell phone if wet in plain rice will help speed the drying process up quite a bit. But the newer phone was all I would need moving the 32gb SD card over to that. I didn't need to try and stuff a tablet size phone into a small leather belt holder.

    The market not taking to it was not any surprise either since Netbooks fare much better when 7 was new and still surpassing 8, 8.1 by a long shot! MS by the time 8.1 was out was already too focused on Surface and Surface Pro to do much for the WP anyways. By them MS finally knew which way in the mobile market it was going.
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    Hi there

    Agreed -- Windows phone --good idea --far too late now. Apple iPhones, and Samsung S5/S7 (S6 was a dog BTW) are good phones and even HTC is back into the fray with decent phones. I never liked the look of the Nokia Lumia handsets either (YMMV on this of course).

    Actually I'm surprised Ms is even in the Phone game at all -- the only possible way forward is if it say takes over a passable selling brand like HTC. Otherwise Samsung and Apple have got this market well and truely sown up.

    Android apps are everywhere now --even sophisticated Stock Trades can be done by mobile phone these days !!!.
    Ms would be better carrying on with some areas where it's really good --Robotics and VR for example.

    I HATE cameras in phones -- I'd only use as an emergency for witnessing an accident say ---give me a REAL camera any time - even a small portable digital one. Phone camera shots always look like snapshots -- not real photos with proper adjustable Depth of field -- and as for Selfies --'nuf said on that topic. The quality of the camera on a phone is one feature that wouldn't sway me into buying / not buying.

    I think though I've too much invested (time and convenience wise -not money - I don't BUY apps) in Android now to switch.

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    My household just got two Lumia 950XLs (Windows 10) after careful consideration of the alternatives. My work phone is an iPhone, and we have Android tablets so we are fully experienced with iOS and Android. After less than 24 hours with the new phones we are totally satisfied with how they operate. The phone and messaging apps are elegant and intuitive, more so than the iPhone. The user interface matches our dekstops, and the way you can customize it (like a desktop or Surface Pro 4) is familiar and just works for us -- the common cross-platform design is working. Settings make sense, identical to the desktop/Surface Pro 4 where they make sense and those settings added or subtracted are intuitive in their organization within settings. The email is Outlook, it comes with Office 365 for a year, and the Edge browser. Cortana works better than Siri. I've had a lot of fun with my Android tablets over the years, but I really haven't found anything I can't do on the Windows 10 phone. We are happy with the purchase.

    The phone even has an FM tuner, evidence of the legacy back to Zune days. And we have two Zunes HDs that are still going strong. Yep, we like Microsoft software and now hardware. After we left the Microsoft Store (which was full of customers and was more than adequately staffed) we passed by the Apple Store. Yep, it was busy too. For Android? The local Best Buy or cellular provider store doesn't come close to either for phone support.
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    Well there's one happy customer! I had been wondering whether or not to grab a Surface Pro for times while out visiting I wouldn't have time to set up the new laptop. I can connect easily with the WiFi the facility has since the place has a loaner laptop while the new 10 laptop is set up mainly for someone to be able to watch dvd movies mainly as well as select YouTube videos since I run usb powered speakers not the ones you can't hear so well from all the way up!

    But it was actually quite fortunately and timely when those Creative portables were spotted with some decent sound that you simply plug into any usb port. When those were ordered from the Walmart site it was for a sale TigerDirect had going for a pair of $25 speakers marked down to only $7! In store they wanted full price and even some required the ac adapter I ended up putting on the second mini tower case here running off the onboard sound.

    Actually I could care less for the camera option in the cell phone except for fast snaps I can send via message option to someone who might be at an occasion. Or I can grab a quick shot of something on one of the displays to later seen uploaded onto pc. I do the same with a regular camera while that loves to eat through AAA batteries after using it a few times however!

    The advantage with the cell cam over the regular camera is of course the light sensitivity being less which makes it good for grabbing quick ones off of a screen without the glare factor blurring things up a bit. The clarity even at the 2x lum however does have quite a bit to be desired! But the disadvantage is even bothering with the limited form of some type of web browser you can't actually do anything with but type something on a search line for. It's simply too small for anything like that and why the tablet or smart phone would be an option.
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    - and that's where the dock comes in..

    PS - the 950XL's camera is incredible..!!
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    Well that's an addon not a built in item. The lens on any phone would be too cheap for much any good quality photos to start with and was mainly intended as a selling point for particular models. You're at the beach or some birthday party and send a few snaps is the convenience story not intended to be anything professional shoots.
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    The title suggests that the author is incredibly short-sighted and incapable of thinking long term of what the effects will be 10-15 years down the road if Microsoft were to do that. If Microsoft give up on Windows Phone and switch to Android, then in 10-15 years Microsoft will be finished as an OS maker.

    Today it is already possible to do most things on a phone if someone wanted to, with Continuum making that even easier when plugged into mouse/keyboard/monitor. The main area where the phone is lacking when it comes to replacing the desktop computer as being the heart of the system, is compute power (CPU, GPU, RAM), storage space and I/O Ports. That will change. As technological advancements makes compute power more efficient and addresses cooling, and small form factor large capacity storage becomes cheap, we could see the equivalent of a NUC i7 for example in a mobile phone sized device in the near future, at which point for the vast majority of people a Desktop computer will not be required anymore. When that happens (and it is a matter of when) if Windows no longer has a presence in the mobile world and software developers are all concentrating on IOS and Android, then Windows will not be required anymore.

    On top of that, for those who would need even more compute power, for example to run high CPU/GPU intensive applications or games, the only limiting factor would be their Internet connection. Here's a demo (starts at 5:20) showing an Xbox handing off to multiple cloud servers when more computer power is required, and all that would be required for that to be possible today from a phone is a decent internet connection. The internet at the moment is still largely inadequate as a global solution, but that will also change and mobile internet will become a lot faster, a lot more affordable and have extremely reliable coverage in all but the most desolate areas. When that happens, landlines will disappear and it won't just be those who need extra compute power handing off to cloud servers, but everyone's computer could potentially be cloud-based with local cache. If all your software, games, music, documents, etc. are stored on a cloud server that your devices just log into, and that server handles all the compute power as well, the only thing a local computer would need to be is a display and input device with a internet connection. Possibly also local storage for caching your cloud data and storing private data/backups that you don't want stored on a remote server.

    So, Microsoft not only need to keep going with Windows Mobile, but take it extremely seriously because their future as an OS maker will depend on it. Doing everything they can to keep developers on side is an extremely important part of that too and Microsoft need to show they're fully committed themselves, which as of this moment they aren't. Even full Microsoft Office isn't available as a UWP application sold in their own store yet, which isn't exactly a good precedent to set to other developers.
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    Presently you can run a micro atx board now that years back would have been a high end gaming build! While 8gb or 16gb doesn't sound fantastic presently go back about 6-7yrs. when 4gb was the big ticket! People were still running mostly with the 32bit flavors as well. With the boost in capacity taking off the doors were then open once past Vista for the 64bit Windows since Vista needed SP3 to finally get squared away there while still a leap over the 64bit XP Pro that saw no support!

    The world's smartest man was just seen on the news with a space craft design no longer then a good sized memory card that will be a prompt for the next generation to work on interstellar travel. The design uses solar power and super light weight to get outside of the galaxy showing how condensation into micro sized technologies is an ongoing process for everything! Your typical laptop seen at this time would make an old wall size mainframe a worthless pile of scrap in comparison! Lose the bulk and find the more efficient ways to compute and half the battle is over. And then comes the next generation to make even that dinosaur museum material.
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