I think you will find that those types of laws in most communities and even in large population centers are quickly forgotten about and never any fines imposed unless there is some type of incident where then an accident report has to be submitted officially. Public intoxification will get far more immediate attention!

With the influx of the market to hand helds as a rule however as well as people having been dissatisfied over the years between ME, Vista, and then 8 being a flop as well as the desktop market slump MS had to start looking at alternative options to stay a leader in the markets! First it was 3rd party sources introducing Linux support for Windows like Paragon's EFS for Windows to allow Windows to be able to access Linux volumes. Now with 10 MS has brought in the Ubuntu bash console option that can be enabled with this latest build.

It also should not come as any surprise that Android is being slipped in there as well. MS is looking mobile to desktop connectivity with the other guy's stuff taking the market for hand held type devices.