Microsoft quietly has made available to Windows Insiders the ability to test the Enterprise Data Protection file-encryption technology it is building into Windows 10.

Microsoft quietly has made its Enterprise Data Protection capability -- one of the top Windows 10 security features Microsoft has has been touting since 2014 -- available for testing by Windows Insiders.

Enterprise Data Protection (EDP), which provides file-level encryption for business data and apps in the name of data separation and leak prevention, was made available to Windows Insiders as of Build 14295.

Microsoft didn't tout the availability of EDP as part of that test build, which went live on March 25, but company officials did note its availability in a recently published company roadmap for Windows 10.

According to the roadmap (under the "In Public Preview" section), EDP will be part of all variants of Windows 10 that run on PCs, tablets, mobile/handheld devices, "industry devices" (embedded) and Surface Hub. Microsoft released updated EDP technical documentation on TechNet last week, and officials discussed building EDP-aware apps during a session at the company's Build 2016 developers conference.

"Enterprise Data Protection is currently available for Windows Insiders to test and will be broadly available later this year," said a company spokesperson when I asked about Microsoft's latest ship target...

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