Windows Phone Users Will Always Be Allowed to Downgrade from Windows 10
WP 8.1 images will be there to recover

Windows Phone devices that will be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile will have the option to downgrade back to the original operating system forever, Microsoft says, as itís important for users to have the option to recover should any issue be experienced.

Windows 10 Mobile is not available to all Windows Phone devices, as Microsoft wants everyone upgrading to get the full experience on the new OS, so depending on the hardware limitations of every model, some arenít getting the upgrade.

But even those that upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile can always return to Windows Phone 8.1 in case users come across to a major bug or if simply the new operating system isnít their cup of tea.

This is clearly an important option for the Windows Phone community, as the majority of companies usually remove the right to downgrade after a while. In Windows 10ís case, however, an option to go back to Windows Phone will be there and there are ďno plansĒ to offer a recovery image to Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.164

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