Wow! Could you imagine your ecosystem being this good? It is.

Today, at Build 2016, we surprised a lot of people with some amazing announcements. If you were watching, you could tell that Scott Guthrie was having a lot of fun on stage. The announcements ranged from device to cloud, including a lot of open source and a lot of FREE! For .NET developers, now is a great time to look at the full breadth of options you have available using your existing skills. If you are not a .NET developer, itís time to look at .NET again! The .NET ecosystem includes tools, APIs and services for every kind of developer, building every kind of app.

The Xamarin announcements:

  • Xamarin is now a part of Visual Studio, including in the free Visual Studio Community, enabling you to build iOS, Android and UWP apps that you can upload to any app store.
  • Xamarin Studio Community is free, just like Visual Studio Community.
  • Xamarin SDK (runtime, libraries and command line tools) will be made open source in the coming months.
  • Mono is re-licensed as MIT and part of the .NET Foundation, just like .NET Core.

The Red Hat announcements:

  • Red Hat announced the availability of a no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux developer subscription.
  • Red Hat launched a new site for .NET developers:

The .NET Foundation announcements:

This tweet from pretty much covers it: