Welcome to the future of ERP after the Enterprise sector is set up, next stop with be aimed for the single pc device user

Office 360, live email, and on and on, welcome to the one stop store and services

For this system properly to function right across the board, Microsoft will need to get windows 10 into open source format, if open source doesn't happen this wont fly in a real world reality.

Quick reference in support " MS will have lots of cloud bandwidth for sale or rent if they don't open the source for Windows 10 in the future :)

For an example: I want my company to develop my in house matrix controls and tools and data performance management operations and control every function at all times and update what I want at any given time, this wont be happening if windows 10 doesn't go open source...

And ARM cross referencing and aligning different stores will not be possible to happen if , Windows 10 doesn't open their source/unlock their windows 10 code.
This is all more geared again for MS services and if they don't unlock their code they will isolate themselves and at the end of the day have trillions of bandwidth of cloud/ online storage capacity...