I have already written about Continuum improvements coming to Redstone in the past, but more details regarding app syncing between devices is now coming to light. According to my sources who are familiar with the matter, upcoming improvements to Continuum will introduce “OS X Handoff” like functionality, allowing users to sync apps between devices for working on the go.

I have already touched on this feature in previous reports, but now I know much more about what we can expect to see surrounding the feature. In short, it works exactly like Handoff does between iOS and OS X. A Windows 10 user can open a word document on their desktop, begin typing away and then realise they need to get going to work. They can simply leave their desk, open up word on their phone and then be prompted to “pick up where I left off”, allowing the user to jump directly back into working.

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Windows 10 Redstone: app syncing between devices