Windows 10ís Outlook Mail App Could Get Back Email Pop-Out Feature
Redmond working to bring this feature back in Windows 10

Outlook Mail has indeed improved a lot lately, but thereís clearly room for more updates, and it appears that Microsoft is well aware of this and is working around the clock to bring new features in the email client.

The company has recently been spotted testing an email pop-out feature in an unnamed version of Windows 10 Redstone, which could soon be released to users as well.

Details are missing at the moment, but Twitter user @gus33000 has posted a screenshot showing the new button implemented in the Outlook Mail interface, adding that itís very likely to be used for received mails too.

Whatís interesting is that Microsoft had already tested this feature in previous Windows 10 builds, but the company suddenly removed it in the latest version without any explanation. Most likely, the Windows team has performed more testing to make sure that the app is working properly, and now that most of the bugs have been fixed, the feature can return in Windows 10 too.
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