Microsoft lists “Something Awesome” as upcoming Build 2016 session
Something Awesome This Ways Comes

There has been rumours of something “mind-blowing” coming to Windows Mobile for some weeks now, so it is quite interesting to see a session titled “Something Awesome This Way Comes!” amongst the list of upcoming BUILD 2016 sessions.

The session description is not very revealing, being in fact blank, but we can get some clue from the team who will be delivering the session.

Russ Alexander, is a Senior Program Manager who worked was the lead developer for Project Astoria with his linkedin profile noting:

Windows Bridge for Android – Lead
• Lead Program Manager for the Android subsystem on Windows Mobile.
• Merged Android and Windows Mobile runtime paradigms allowing developers to run their Android code with
. minimum changes
• Worked directly with third-party developers to bring their applications to Windows Mobile.
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