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Hi, I had this problem with Opencl.dll error too, and my researches started with getting the SFC corruption message and difficulties using DISM to correct it (as so many had). I was also having serious display issues, but oddly, in my case, once I was able to clear corruption messages with SFC and DISM, my display problems also cleared up. (I say "oddly", because so many others said they felt a recent Nvidia driver worked better.) Except in my case, I never installed a display driver from Nvidia myself. So staying with the driver MS provided as correct and not corrupt, seems to be working better now, and I don't know how the "corrupt" driver installed by MS got corrupt. Heck, maybe it really was corrupt, and just giving the same corrupt message in SFC as others described here!?

My experiences sorting through these multiple issues are detailed on pp. 30-31 of this thread, particularly in posts #292-299:
DISM - Repair Windows 10 Image--Page 30

I am now getting ready to update to Ver 1607, so my question is, once Win 10 has done that, how many have stayed with the MS provided Nvidia driver for that version, and has anyone found it is worthwhile to go to the Nvidia driver page and install a different driver from there? If so, what benefit did you get?

I only use the Nvidia Drivers from their web site for my Nvidia card. Windows will also add there own drivers to the list of installed drivers, along with the Nvidia drivers. They work together. No opencl errors since the AU was released.