Windows 10 Redstone will receive improved support for pen input on generic applications

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World of leaks about the future of the Windows operating system is designed in such a way that, sometimes, about the changes in the new system builds we can judge immediately after discovering them in one of the corners of the system (as happened with the ability to automatically call output to external devices), some may learn from domestic sources in the company familiar with its future plans, and some can detect only climbing under the hood of this OS. Just using the latest way we managed to detect changes that indicate increased support for pen input on generic applications.

As in previous similar cases, we compared the contents of libraries API-instructions for generic applications (specifically in this case, compared the Assembly and 14295 14306 available only within the walls of the company). Note that changes occur in virtually every Assembly, so some of us innovations to the final release of the updated OS can be significantly different or unavailable.
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