Windows 10: Microsoft confirms that Spartan will be in the next Windows 10 preview

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       04 Mar 2015 #20

    Microsoft has been aiming more at companies than individual users,
    Most of this enterprise stuff is way to much trouble to sort out for an average user that only wants to open a url and have a browser to actually load that page quickly and acutely no matter what it's designed as/ doc mode....

    Chrome does that and the usage stat's reflect that want,
    All privacy issues go out the window people just don't care anymore about that the nsa makes the argument irrelevant.
    Want what works,
    Ie has been said many times only good for one purpose to download another browser with
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  2.    04 Mar 2015 #21

    Doesn't Cortana search using Bing ? Link Cortana to Spartan and there's a nice boost for Bing's usage. :)
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  3.    04 Mar 2015 #22

    Trust_No1 said: View Post
    My point is, for me it would seem more reasonable, if Microsoft wanted to develop a new browser, it should do so, and let it stand on it's own. If they truly were creating this new browser for Windows 10, why not let people just download IE if they want? Why is it just now coming as an after thought? Why not say from the beginning of Windows 10, "it will have a new browser". It just doesn't add up for me. That is why for me it feels like a gimmick, and users are the guinea pigs. If I am wrong, I will be proven wrong. Perhaps I am looking at it wrong. Thank you for asking.

    As for Windows's 10 (since you are speaking for me), you are correct, there is not a whole lot I have found I am fond of (thus far). I am trying to keep an open mind, about it, however, testing is my own choice, and my thoughts are my own, and I only express what I think. Wouldn't it be a dull world if everyone were exactly alike?

    Who knows maybe one of my non-pro comments, might have a positive result on the Windows 10 end product. I thought that was what the Windows 10 preview was all about "Feedback".
    It is clear that you don't like Microsoft, so please go back to your Linux. . .
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  4.    04 Mar 2015 #23

    BunnyJ said: View Post
    How is that a bad think if all of the other browser makers up their game??
    Hi Mr. Wabbitt, only saying that they will be making every attempt to put out a browser that does the same things. . .That's all. . .:)
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  5.    04 Mar 2015 #24

    YES !!!
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       04 Mar 2015 #25

    Why the name Spartan.
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  7.    04 Mar 2015 #26

    Lee said: View Post
    Hi Mr. Wabbitt, only saying that they will be making every attempt to put out a browser that does the same things. . .That's all. . .:)
    I think you got that reversed.
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    Spartan will serve as the default browser on both the PC and mobile device versions of Windows 10. "Spartan" uses a new "Edge" layout engine forked from Trident.
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       05 Mar 2015 #28

    Gina France said: View Post
    Why the name Spartan.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MSUSpartans_Logo.png 
Views:	191 
Size:	15.8 KB 
ID:	13706 Spartan: adjective
    Definition of SPARTAN
    1. of or relating to Sparta in ancient Greece

      1. marked by strict self-discipline or self-denial <a Spartan athlete>
      2. marked by simplicity, frugality, or avoidance of luxury and comfort <a Spartan room>
      3. laconic: using or involving the use of a minimum of words | concise to the point of seeming rude or mysterious
      4. undaunted by pain or danger

    Probably not the first definition
    Or ... it just sounds cool and the logo / icon is way cooler than the e

    Michigan State might have an issue with the logo though
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  10.    05 Mar 2015 #29

    I am really looking forward to get my hands on Spartan. I am using Firefox now, because I don't like Google anymore and other Chromium based browser all failed my user experience in one way or another, however I like Chrome's extensions more then Firerefox ones and should the speculations about Spartan supporting Chrome's extensions prove right (which to my knowledge has yet to be decided by the developers), it will be a no-brainer for me.
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