At Skype, we are always looking for ways for you to stay in touch more easily with your friends, family, classmates and colleagues. A big part of that promise is by bringing your Skype experiences together with activities, like email and other online services, so that you can get things done faster. Starting today, you can now call and chat with your Skype contacts while in Office Online and OneDrive. This creates a natural, collaborative experience where you can co-edit a document right alongside a chat so that the chat is in context of the topic being discussed. Best of all, this chat history stays connected to the document the next time you open it to help you pick right up where you left off.

As we referenced in the Office blog, you can enrich your Office Online collaboration experience (in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) with Skype instant messaging integration so that you and your team can send instant messages or call each other, while simultaneously editing the same document.

Similarly, you can now collaborate over Skype on your documents stored online in OneDrive—call or chat with a friend when viewing contents of online folders, or while co-editing directly in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote in Office Online.

Save time with Skype when working from an email to iron out plans with a friend; just bring up a chat alongside your email to make planning go faster. The new improved Skype integration on, which we announced a few months ago, is now available to all users.

We are continuing to look for ways to bring Skype into the things you do, to help you get more done, faster. We’d love to hear from you on the Skype Community with any questions or concerns. Also, you can always find us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates and share your thoughts.

Source: Get chatting from Office and OneDrive - Skype Blogs