Windows 10: Is paying for antivirus a waste of money?

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       06 Mar 2016 #60

    I was using 360 Total then changed to ZA but found Boot and shut down was slower !
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  2.    06 Mar 2016 #61

    From what I've seen the big difference with a paid AV is the features that you get beyond the core AV tool and if those additional tools are what you really want/need then it's worth the money. But,. if you just want a good AV the paid really are no better than the free. In fact some of the 3rd party AV's will bog your system down. SO,, my thought is I would either use a free or just stick with defender. I use it and I haven't had a virus in over 6 years and I do my online bill paying and banking with zero issues.

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    Stephanie said: View Post
    I was using 360 Total then changed to ZA but found Boot and shut down was slower !
    They were probably doing a scan which caused the slower boot/shutdown time.
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  4.    07 Mar 2016 #63

    timerity said: View Post
    What then is the reason you have backups if not to recover your missing/damaged files after a virus/malware attack. I'm missing something obviously.
    Hi there

    You are missing the point of backups -- BIG TIME if you think it's only useful to recover from Malware and virus attacks - that's probably the LEAST useful function if like me you've never had any problems with viruses etc. I've certainly hosed a computer up in a myriad of other ways and glad I've had the backups to fix it with.

    here are all sorts of reasons

    1) software update doesn't work or re-install fails on new OS etc.
    2) OS upgrade doesn't work
    3) accidentally deleted data
    4) system broken via messing around with it - e.g wrong or accidental registry or other setting tweak etc
    5) HDD fails (or other hardware malfunction)
    6) You want to change to a newer HDD
    7) Computer gets stolen / lost etc.
    8) You buy a new computer and don't want all the bloatware that usually is pre-installed on these things.

    Can think of a few other reasons too but you should have got the drift -- Backup is NEVER a waste of time and should always be taken regularly

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  5.    07 Mar 2016 #64

    jimbo45 said: View Post
    Hi there

    Even things like Malwarebytes that a lot of people recommend - are now a total waste of time -- I can give you ANY number of PUPS against which which Malware bytes is totally useless. -- PUPS act as "Normal Windows programs" and can behave as a perfectly legitimate (but hideously annoying) program. Unless you have a specific block against "progname.exe" then how in the world will Malwarebytes know it's a PUP.

    For example say you have PHOTOSHOP.EXE and FOTOKINO.EXE - both could be 100% legit programs -- how will Malwarebytes react.

    I think people also need to know - or at least understand :
    a) How executables work - i.e what windows does when a program is launched
    b) what specifically are they trying to defend against.

    My own view is still the same - use COMMON SENSE, have backups and use Windows defender. Anything else isn't worth it ad can just consume resources on your machine.

    u know that "COMMON SENSE" in human that the one often fail

    thats why paid AV isnt waste of time/money as it give layer of security
    user might dont realize they getting malware, and Internet Security do its job by either preventing user or removing malware before it infecting system

    afaik malwarebytes PUP isnt that stupid, i havent look into it very much (ie. how it works etc.)
    but so far, i havent got any stupid/fail detection
    and there are lots way to detect either its its legit programs or PUP... like SHA/MD5, filesize, file-property compare and that just basic stuff

    if it even cant detect renamed legit program, then it mean its scan-engine also broken, because it simply detect filename, instead scanning into deep into the file
    and if malwarebyte that bad, i believe it wont be popular either... people nowdays not that stupid
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       07 Mar 2016 #65

    Cliff S said: View Post
    Has anyone else , other than @Brink and I, run the Windows Defender Offline scan(available since 1511(November Update))?

    Windows Defender Offline Scan in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    Windows Defender Offline Scan shortcut - Create in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums
    I just tried it, Cliff, and I guess it didn't find anything. At least it didn't tell me it did. Nor did it tell me it didn't. :)
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       07 Mar 2016 #66

    Craig said: View Post
    @Lee: great to hear...i was beginning to think i was the only one here that thought Windows Defender was fine to use by itself without the need for any other virus protector (free or paid).... :)
    Nope, not at all. In fact, until Windows 8/8.1, the general consensus was that you don't use two AVs at the same time. Now it seems it's OK. I'd guess the reasoning for this is that Microsoft's AV is getting better and better, so now AV apps are being built that will tolerate each other. :)
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       07 Mar 2016 #67

    jimbo45 said: View Post
    Hi there.


    3rd party AV software --R.I.P

    @linw -- just proves my point -- User opening Email with attachment from what he thought was a legitimate source. Police IMO NEVER will send emails to anybody !!!!! nor will Govt Tax offices etc etc. No AV system will prevent you against that type of scam.

    Everybody has a built in system to defeat the so call "Bar Stewards" !! It's called A BRAIN. !!

    Note "The price of Education is expensive - but the Price of Ignorance is Astronomical".

    Thanks, Jimbo. My sentiments perzackly! Well said.
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       07 Mar 2016 #68

    Superfly said: View Post
    Avast has specific low resource routines... common sense is a no-brainer and not even part of the equation...

    I posted recently how Norton classed ShowKey as PUP based on a reputation signature..and that's only 'cos I included an update check that gets info from Github.
    Long years ago, I reviewed the two most popular AV programs out there; Norton and Mcafee. If you think AVs find false positives in this day and age, you should have seen the tactics used back then!

    Both threw up flags: Looky, looky, looky what I found! Lemme get rid of that fer ya!

    From that point on, I only used what Microsoft provided; mostly beta AV. Yes, I've gotten a virus or three, but mostly through my own stupidity.
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       07 Mar 2016 #69

    Would I trust Defender to conduct my financial affairs on line, experience tells me most certainly not.
    Avira, Mbam and Mbam Anti-Exploit suffice.....all free.
    Plus of course multiple security identity measures taken by these businesses.
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