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There can be no end to this thread.
Everyone has their own opinion based on what AV, solution they have confidence in.
As far as I'm concerned if a user is happy and confident in the protection they are using then that's fine, throw a little commonsense into the mix then it gets even better.
Until an all conquering AV is discovered it's a matter of do what you feel is best for you, end of.
I prefer to research what the actual security specialists have to say as far as who tests what to see which is what and then simply stick with what works here! Ironically the software I stayed with over the last several years I was pointed at by someone who always seems to be 100% on things got it right on that as well!

While that person is a mechanical engineer by trade another being a former security analyst for one of the main av players simply tosses the free version of BitDefender on along with the practically worthless free version of Zone Alarm since he knows how to go after all type of bugs not that he runs into many!

If you are really worried about the WHOs and WHATs that go under more rigorous testing then you would refer to an independent not product review source that examines and evaluates softwares for the corporate world where security has to be taken far more seriously! Excellence in Information Security Testing Awards | ICSA Labs