Microsoft looks to be building its App-V virtualization client into its coming Windows 10 'Redstone' Enterprise release in the hopes of simplifying app deployment and servicing.

Microsoft looks to be building its App-V application virtualization client directly into Windows 10 Enterprise with the upcoming "Redstone" Windows 10 release.

App-V -- a Microsoft virtualization technology that is currently part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack -- will become more and more tightly integrated with Windows over time. Microsoft's goal in doing this is to simplify app deployment and servicing, since App-V streams applications in real time to authorized clients from a virtual application server.

This new App-V/Redstone information comes courtesy of Michel Roth at ThinComputing.Net. (I found his February 18 blog post thanks to Chris Weber.)

Roth wrote up notes from Microsoft partner Flexera's "Best Practices for Application Virtualization" webinar from this week featuring Microsoft Senior Consultant Steve Thomas talking about App-V futures.

As the slide images from that webinar that I've embedded in this post indicate, Thomas made it pretty clear that Microsoft's current plan is to integrate the app-V client into Windows 10 Enterprise as of Redstone 1, which I've heard is due some time around June 2016...

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