The Mexican subsidiary of the company releases new info

Previous reports indicated that Windows 10 Mobile could launch in mid-February, but in a recent post on Facebook, the Mexican branch of the software giant has revealed that the new operating system will roll out for Windows Phone devices in the last week of this month.

This isnít the first time when Microsoft posts information regarding the Windows 10 Mobile release on its social account. However, the previous time the company did this, it was a false alarm, so we canít fully trust this new date just yet. Weíll believe it when it happens, especially given the fact that long-time Windows Phone users are getting tired of waiting and looking for alternative platforms.

But as WMPU notes, the Microsoft Mexico post reveals that not all devices would get the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile on February 29, and this is very likely confirmation that Redmond is still planning a staged release. In other words, only a few models would receive it at first while the others are expected to get the upgrade as part of a second wave.
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