Windows 10: Yes, Windows 10 runs great on old hardware

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    Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, 1803, build 17134.285
       08 Feb 2016 #10

    Yeah, I'm running Windows 10 on 9 year old home made hardware. You can check my system specs, but it's a 2GHz Athlon 64 x2 with 2GB memory in an MSI 7250 motherboard.

    It originally ran Vista, then 8.0, 8.1, and now 10 Pro x64. Performance seems to improve with each new OS! The worst was Vista, and the single biggest jump in performance was the upgrade to Vista SP1! It replaced a 9 year old Dell with a Pentium 2 running Windows 98.

    Over the years I've had to replace the power supply, and one hard disk due to failures.
    The only hardware 'upgrades' I've done was fitting a $30 Radeon Graphics card, (my old Nvidia would not run W10), and an SSD to clean install Windows 10 into last August.

    Obviously, I'm not a gamer, but for everything that I do, web surfing, Office, Visual Studio, storing documents and a little photo editing, it works perfectly well.

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  2.    09 Feb 2016 #11

    Why are you running x64 on a system with 2GB of RAM?
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  3.    09 Feb 2016 #12

    eLPuSHeR said: View Post
    Why are you running x64 on a system with 2GB of RAM?
    Drivers? I'm running x64 on a 3GB Core2Duo from 2006 because I can only get 64 bit drivers....
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  4.    09 Feb 2016 #13

    I am dual booting Win10 Insider preview 14257 with Vista in my spare DT, AMD Athlon 3800+(2006), 4GB RAM.
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  5.    09 Feb 2016 #14

    The last couple of versions of Windows have come a long way in that regard, IMHO. I happily went from XP to 7 to 8 to 8.1 to 10 on my old beater desktop PC with no noticeable decline in performance. It was the same deal with my main desktop PC that has some better hardware in it. My only hurdles have been waiting for drivers to catch up so all the hardware works like its supposed to work. With all its features fully functional.
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  6.    09 Feb 2016 #15

    Well not an all old hardware. I have an Acer 9 years old that when I attempt to install it says Nvidia doesn't support the GTX 7600 and won't support it for Windows 10. There are some situations like that.
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  7.    09 Feb 2016 #16

    Windows 10 runs great on my P5E3 Deluxe x38 DualCore2 x64 8Gb RAM. Since I added a new 250 SSD drive, its faster again. I haven't had any more hiccups then others who have new systems...maybe less :) So I am happen as long as this system stays running. I find this system is very solid from Win7 up to Win10 :)

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    Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, 1803, build 17134.285
       09 Feb 2016 #17

    Why are you running x64 on a system with 2GB of RAM?
    My system originally ran Vista Ultimate 64 bit, and I have been upgrading to like versions ever since.

    2GB does (just) meet the min spec here

    Task manager normally shows memory usage around 70 - 80%

    I guess I will have to fit another 2GB at some stage.

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  9.    09 Feb 2016 #18

    I wasn't as fortunate as some here, I installed it on an old Acer Revo, and it slowed to a crawl with Windows 10, though the switch back process worked without a hitch. I have several people I help maintain their machines, and several are complaining of slowing issues after upgrading to Windows 10. I have decided not to even bother with helping them, and suggest they revert back to their previous OS.

    As many know I am not a fan of Windows 10, 7 & 8 offer far more for me. Windows 10 is more a pain in the a$$ than it is worth, with all the forced updates and nagging to convert. IMHO. If it isn't broke why try to fix it.

    I still think MS must be spending a few bucks at ZDNet, they seem to be only magazine that hails Windows 10.
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  10.    09 Feb 2016 #19

    not sure if 2008 hi-end spec called old by now... cpu not improving much nowdays anyway
    they should put more old system to test... like from Pentium4 or so

    the main problem is that unsupported device on windows10, its still okay if its not core device (device that needed for system to run properly)... like wifi, various external device. etc
    but such as legacy GPU from old notebook/PC is out of answer beside staying on old OS, except u can somewhat mod+force new driver to be installed on the system
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