Windows 10: Right on cue, Windows 10 has overtaken XP

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    whs said: View Post
    Just don't get the Unity UI. Mate is easier.
    Unity is still an optional mode seen on the menu bar in the Cinnamon as well as the Mate releases. But you won't see that when running things with the Hyper-V feature as that seems to be a VMware, VirtualBox type of option that hasn't been found with any Linux VM run on Hyper-V so far.

    gator2013 said: View Post
    It's really quite amazing that anyone would celebrate W-10 overtaking XP. Really

    If anything it should be an embarrassment for Microsoft that anyone is still running XP especially considering W-10 is supposedly the greatest OS ever assembled and is being given away free for many. Microsoft may very well move on from past disasters but will have a hard time equaling or surpassing past success without strong-armed tactics.
    Why should it be amazing but simply understood. Die Hard XP Fans who obviously hated Vista looked at and vacated 7 years back claiming XP forever yet are found with 8.1 devices now looking at 10. The only the old buggy as all H XP ever got so popular in the first place is that the Lohn Horn project(Vista) kept seeing delay after taking the extra 3yr. time period upsetting the MS schedule of seeing a newer version every 2-3yrs. with 8.1 being a fast turnover after only one year to clean up an 8 mess!
    XP wasn't any success story for sure but a mess of a rush job to replace the "if you are a geek at solving problems ME could just right for you!" Flop! 2000, 2000 Pro were well received on the other hand while XP didn't follow that line only seeing NTFS brought in. Vista Pro seemed to go well with some businesses but the retooling from XP was the reason the upgrades to Vista not so well received and 7's actual hugh success story was one reason for the XP Mode coming in there.

    As for simply abandoning 7 while 10 is obviously three versions newer that wasn't going to happen here any time soon while at the same time 10 has shown itself to actually be the progression along those lines that wasn't seen with 8, 8.1 which were experimental not finished OSs as far as bringing in an updated dual platform OS. The MS moves regardless of which version seen lately however do tend to upset the wheel barrel a bit putting things nicely! (no fruit company name used such as some type of cart being overturned.)

    The comment just heard from one source was "Wait! You'll see a class action suit being brought one of these days...." when mentioning about the 10 app and now no longer seeing the option to reserve a free copy but two upgrade buttons and the "recommended update" description where my friend "why I should allow anyone to simply come along and dump crap on my machine?!" And that particular as always borrowing the old 7 laptop I bought for somebody when he never got around to replacing an old clunker XP case he simply left to rust! Finally he got a new laptop with 7 Pro back in 2013 before the 8.1 launch and doesn't want any new software arriving unexpected which tends to illustrate how MS is managing to see this high a number in such a short time.

    My friend also remarked: "You know I don't like anything being jammed down my throat!" and would be the reaction for those who had previously seen 10 land on their doorsteps with the update pre-checked off only to find 10 got on! The MS person interviewed about simply stated it was a mistake they had to correct?

    Was it? you might ask or a marketing ploy to put 10 in everyone's face as the critics would say. Yet there are no major flaws seen with 10 as had been with some of those of past versions without a doubt where there are two ways of looking at 10.
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    Night Hawk said: View Post
    Yet sooner or later don't be surprised to learn that Linux had finally made it past XP
    This is inevitable as old XP machines die. When the base usage of XP drops below the relatively static Linux user base, Linux will be seen to have overtaken XP - absolutely no significance - just a numbers game.
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    Well the point that is all too easy to realize is that XP is only one version now 15yrs. old while Linux is an ongoing field of endless possible new OSs being brought in as well as older flavors dying off being in constant states of flux. Linux is a generization while XP is a definite one time only deal. You might be surprized to learn that there are still much older machines still able to run seeing the Legacy to 9x versions on them. Those old museum pieces were simply put aside either by someone who custom builds like seen here or were someone's one pc who passed on having been someone who only check an offspring's email or the pc had simply been donated and ended up in a closet of some school who has since since other newer machines donated if not purchased.

    For practicality as well as real world usage however the main stream tends to follow the progression until one or two flops come up! That was certainly seen with 8 becoming a large embarrassment for MS there in how they went about stripping the familiar OS down to a nut shell removing most of the familiar features including no less the Start menu that's been around since 95 for a mobile GUI which for most was a pulmonary convulsion at first sight! People complained immediately "I'm not going to run some mobile OS on my desktop!" as many felt MS was abandoning just that in favor of the hand held devices only!

    "So where's the beef?!" shouts an old woman some years back. MS now has to rush to catch up things since 8 was a flop that got pushed out before the dual platform OS could be considered "Ready for Consumer Consumption"! And they rushed to get 8.1 out a the next year! With 10 however MS had to take a serious look at refinement not only with 8 being another source of "Flopammonia" but to realize that no one was going to upgrade to 10 from 7 if 10 was just another mishap!

    The new Start menu and free upgrade enticements had to come about! They had to bend a little to give back what the consumer was wanting this time around but by using new tactics! And those are what has been called into question at times. Enticements like free upgrade offers can work while "jamming it down your throat!" as a friend remarked won't go over big!

    With 10 seeing refinement over the next several months however it will be ready for strictly retail by then in contrast to what has been seen with past versions and should go over well in the long run while the suspicions about how MS is going about things will remain. That can have a detrimental effect in the market place. I doubt you would see a class action suit come up. But! MS got called up before the Federal Trade Commission once before and ended up in Federal court over how IE was a manipulation of the OS not allowing for a free market interaction for other web browsers seen in the late 90s! They ended up paying a hefty fine according to the reports at the time. With this business of things coming in already being checked off and finding the temp installation folders were already unpacked onto the drive that can really urk a number of people! That was stuff that shouldn't even have been there until after user interaction to accept the upgrade offer!
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    Somehow i cannot let Windows xp die until this glitch in my isp is fixed...i get 2 different fup on windows xp and later OS which helps me get the same speed until fup sets in.
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    BunnyJ said: View Post
    It's about time for Xp to die. It's a security nightmare.
    Hi there

    Not so fast -- running as a VM for some old dedicated but incredibly expensive hardware to replace (even IF possible) is a perfectly 100% legit and sensible way to run a SAFE XP OS.

    My XP VM will outlast W7 - has already outlasted W8/W8.1 and will co-exist with W10 until I no longer need or use the hardware.

    In particular I use XP for creating Vinyl records and manipulating Minidiscs -- an old Minidisc recorder believe it or not is still the easiest way to make high quality and Lossless recordings from live gigs and transfer to vinyl --I also create some Vinyls for people from some of their iTunes stuff etc-- create vinyls for them with their requested tracks etc. Mobile phone recordings are just for amateurs and can in no way even be considered for use on high quality professional equipment. Also my Minidisc recorder doesn't riddle the digital recordings with DRM which restricts copying etc. (The old PRO models like TASCAM were exempted from all the digital lossless DRM protection schemes).

    I've some other old quite specialized expensive hardware which I don't want to replace --for example a very high quality dedicated 35 mm negative scanner for digitising at A3 or even A2 size old film negatives for printing.

    Don't write of XP just yet --people also have old Lab equipment and a load of dedicated Engineering tools that still use XP.

    As a general "Home OS" I agree let it go but as a VM if you have uses for it - it's fine.

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    Anything can be run on a VM. No one ever doubted that at all even for the much older Legacy versions you can now run 95 in your web browser if you want to as well! You can run Windows 95 inside your browser now | PCWorld

    It depends whether or not it's nostalgia or having a need for something that would only run on an older version like MS brought in the XP Mode for XP users wanting to upgrade but couldn't since changing over to the newer version at that time as well as you might expect at this meant retooling everything as far as the softwares go! Companies tend to frown on the downtimes it often takes to see every machine upgraded as well as all those softwares needing to updated, upgraded, or simply replaced by others! That costs not only a few $$$ dollar signs but delays in work time!

    A VM without internet connection is obviously a 100% isolated OS to begin with. With the Hyper-V carried on in 10 not seen before 8 the network switch can simply be avoided or disabled to prevent any connection making for a "Safe OS environment" shielded from everything except for what files are still able to be shared between host and guest OSs!

    Oops! Malwares and viruses can be spread by shared files ruling out the 100% Fool proof system there! Without the web however and some good screening like the host OS having an av program that will wrap a security layer around VMs as well as physical installs you are better off.
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    BunnyJ said: View Post
    So what do users do for security updates??
    They use the POSReady 2009 updates (with the reg hack). I'm using the original Windows 8, and last night I successfully updated my OS with all Server 2012 updates. It worked flawlessly.

    Wasn't there that post talking about all of the security rankings of products from 2015, and from what I recall, both Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP ranked rather well. It actually surprised me.
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    lehnerus2000 said: View Post
    They won't be getting Security updates from MS, that we know for sure.
    This means they didn't cop the dodgy updates that have been released during the past 2 years and they have avoided the annoyance caused by GWX.

    Presumably they are relying on AV updates and not using IE for Internet access.

    Firefox works the same in Windows and Linux Distros.
    I've even heard people talk about using Chrome (shudder) on Linux Distros.
    I use SeaMonkey on a Puppy Linux notebook PC (Dell D610), and it works JUST like classic Windows (feels like Windows NT 4.0 or OS/2.)
    Last edited by Jody Thornton; 10 Feb 2016 at 15:38.
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    BunnyJ said: View Post
    So?? I never liked the UI in any distribution of Linux. They're trying to make it like Windows and they're failing.
    Make it more unique.. or at least try.
    Actually other graphical environments had features that are now used by Microsoft in its Windows lineup. There were builds of CDE and SunOS (Open Look) that had the caption styles similar to what Windows came up with. I think Lotus SmartSuite for OS/2 came up with a system menu similar to the Start Menu. Everything comes from somewhere.

    Mind you, I can attest to a small lack of responsiveness in X environment, likely the result of the client/server terminal nature of the windowing system.
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    Jody Thornton said: View Post
    They use the POSReady 2009 updates (with the reg hack). I'm using the original Windows 8, and last night I successfully updated my OS with all Server 2012 updates. It worked flawlessly.

    Wasn't there that post talking about all of the security rankings of products from 2015, and from what I recall, both Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP ranked rather well. It actually surprised me.
    Poor fellow! Stuck with the original Windows 8! Frightmare at it's worst I can imagine!

    I had the CP set up in a dual boot with 7 across two separate drives as 10 is now and for a short time during 7 beta days with Vista on a previous build and never ran into the headaches 8 brought in with it! Both OSs trashed in no time simply having a boot entry for 8 added into the 7 BCD! After the 8 CP saw the PC Refresh option used later when both failed to start and saw 7 automatically added in once again "Crash Central"! Ran the Disk Check tools on both the first time and only 7 saying "bye bye 8 CP"! real fast!

    Windows 10 on the other hand once finally on after finding you had to unplug everything unlike the previous versions as far as the changes to the Windows installer 10 now sees everything has been smooth sailing! In fact the last few upgrades from previous Insider builds and the Threshold 2 Update to the latest 14257 Insider Preview have gone so well it was as if it had been a minor security update going on! MS is making some actual progress using this method while their marketing approach however expectedly is causing an uproar.
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