Microsoft gave the world a glimpse of Windows 10 running on its smartphones last month, but the company has not yet released its first public preview of the new OS, which will replace the standalone Windows Phone operating system. Microsoft promised that it would deliver the first preview in February, but it has not yet committed to a firm date.

But the company is now seeding a build of Windows 10 for phones to a select group of around one thousand testers in various departments across the company. This is believed to be a final round of internal testing to resolve any last niggling bugs before the preview is made publicly available.

Neowin has learned that a build named 'Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones (8.15.12492.41)" is now available to these testers. Note that the OS version number has increased from 8.10 in Windows Phone 8.1, up to 8.15 in the Windows 10 preview, but it is not clear if this build 12492 will be exactly the same version as that which is released publicly this month.
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