Windows 10: Users Want Windows 10 to Be Bloatware-Free

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    TechnoMage said: View Post
    We all know about the aftermarket crap that comes on new computers, and many of us who actually work on computers, have spent untold hours UN-Installing that stuff. I'm especially ticked off by the blatant SPYWARE that's on many new PC's.

    But aside from that, how about all the apps in Windows that almost NOBODY ever uses, and that you can't delete?

    Right now, I'm thinking about Windows Mail, which is still there but won't even work.
    And how many people around the world, have ever used the "Movie Maker" ???
    I don't! I'd love to delete it, but it won't GO. Ever tried to delete "Pinball" ? You can't. Take it out and it pops right back. Now that's CRAP!

    I could Greatly reduce the size of Windows on my hard drive, if only I could delete all the things that I don't use and don't even want on my HD.

    That's one thing I'd love to see in Windows 10..... the ability to delete things I don't want!

    Hmmm, I'd never even given a thought to the "accessories" included in Windows; I occasionally use one of the text editors for HTML, but that's about it.

    I haven't used the various versions of Windows Mail in years; I started out with Eudora when I was given a copy to review. After it went belly up, I used Thunderbird and have recently begun using Outlook which is included in my Office 365 subscription.

    Movie Maker? Pinball? Guess I need to look in my Accessories folder. Sheesh, gotta find it to look in it. Did they change that too?
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    TechnoMage said: View Post
    Right now, I'm thinking about Windows Mail, which is still there but won't even work.
    And how many people around the world, have ever used the "Movie Maker" ???
    I don't! I'd love to delete it, but it won't GO. Ever tried to delete "Pinball" ? You can't. Take it out and it pops right back. Now that's CRAP!
    Umm.. none of those have been in Windows for years... You must be talking about XP.

    In any event, you can in fact remove these things. You just go into Add/Remove Programs, and you can uninstall Pinball and other accessories. Some things, like IE cannot be totally uninstalled because they also provide rendering libraries for the OS and other apps, but it does remove accessories.
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    maybe thinking of "windows live mail " and I also think movie maker is in the windows live essentials, along with live mail ,writer ,photo viewer ,messenger ++,but you have to download that it not pre-installed ,and when you run the live essentials you get to choose what programs you want to install ,I install live mail and the photo viewer
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    groze said: View Post

    That is not the best way. A clean install is the best way. :)

    Lee said: View Post
    Mystere said: View Post
    Trust_No1 said: View Post
    Your logic escapes me, if I spend $500 - $1000 on an unit with windows installed, means that I have already paid a premium price for that machine. Fine charge me $10 more to allow it to be bloat free.
    First, the point was that they were asking MS to prevent OEM's from bundling crapware on any system, not just premium ones.

    Second, it's really between you and your OEM, not Microsoft. OEM's use this crapware as a way to defray costs to sell you systems cheaper. If you can negotiate with them for a way to get that system without the crapware by paying more, that's up to you and them.

    Otherwise, vote with your wallet and don't buy from vendors who sell you systems with crapware.
    . . .You would think folks could figure that out without having to complain about it. . .
    Yeah, but Microsoft sells it software to OEM's. Microsoft can tell a OEMs what to do or not provide the Operating system. They done it in the past. I remember reading something if the OEM's don't do that, the OEM's wouldn't get an official windows 8/8.1 logo. Have you ever thought people have complained to the OEM's but no one is listening?

    OEMs need to go back to they way they use to do it.
    Provided an OEM installation disk for clean install.
    Provided a driver disk
    Provided the 3rd party software on dvd/cd disks. There are some people that want 3rd party software. I like the dell webcam, but I had to download it from dell website.

    Also, you shouldn't have to agree to an agreement to use your own computer. That mad me when I saw that. It is my computer not theirs. I paid for it. I am not talking about the EULUs that different.
    MS sells the license to the OEM's. That license is transferred to the purchaser. MS no control over 3rd party software. That is an agreement between the OEM and the 3rd party. Less and less software is being distributed via DVD's/CD's as less number of PC's even have Optical drives.

    I would rather have drivers working when I purchase a machine. I wouldn't want to buy a laptop that that camera doesn't work out of the box. The OEM's modify their drivers and the NVidia drivers for a GTX 980 for Dell might not work for Lenovo.
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