Windows 10: More Users Move to Windows XP Ahead of Windows 10 Launch

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       03 Feb 2015 #10

    Trust_No1 said: View Post
    I don't understand the indignation about the article, I liked XP (still do), it took me 3 years to switch over the Windows 7.
    If I hadn't foolishly bought a 3 TB HDD, I'd still be triple booting XP, W7 & LM17.
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  2.    03 Feb 2015 #11

    Sometimes I wonder about some folks. . .
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  3.    03 Feb 2015 #12

    XPP rocks for home servers - IRST with Mirrored drives - it just works.
    XP Home is the fastest thing going for light hardware...
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  4. lehnerus2000's Avatar
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    W7 Ultimate SP1 (64 bit), LM 18.3 MATE (64 bit), W10 Home 1703 (64 bit), W10 Pro 1703 (64 bit) VM
       03 Feb 2015 #13

    Lee said: View Post
    Sometimes I wonder about some folks. . .
    It strange how some people prefer to use the top two versions of Windows (XP & W7) rather than any of the other versions.
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  5.    04 Feb 2015 #14

    cognus said: View Post
    XPP rocks for home servers - IRST with Mirrored drives - it just works.
    XP Home is the fastest thing going for light hardware...
    Hi there

    Oh no it doesn't -- MUCH BETTER use W10 or even W8.1 with STORAGE SPACES -- you don't need to mirror drives - you can say use 15 or 25% as recovery area -- more than adequate on a HOME SERVER and you can dynamically add (or remove) as many volumes as you want to the storage space. The volumes can be of MIXED SIZES and you can even use things like NAS volumes and external USB devices in the storage mix.

    Forget RAID / STRIPING on home servers now. Storage spaces are MORE EFFICIENT, a zillion times safer and they are available in the new OS'es.

    No more problems with folders being limited to the size of ONE HDD any more. Need more space - just add another volume without even a REBOOT.

    You can't run these on XP. (XP systems can I believe access shared folders in a storage space though as can SAMBA).

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       05 Feb 2015 #15

    If you can't believe 'articles' then how about personal experience?
    Experience, trumps guesswork and articles every time.

    Since 2005, the only ones of my customers who have upgraded from XP to a newer OS are the ones that had their old XP PC crash on them and they went to a local retail store and bought a new computer, oblivious to what OS was on it. Then it was my job to try to make the new PC look and act as much like XP as possible. I can do that!

    One local retail store manager told me that about 30% of people buying new PC's with Windows 8 or 8.1, bring them back in total disgust.
    The bottom line is, that the new OS's are just not popular with the rank and file of computer users. Those are the home PC users that don't come to forums, or show up in magazine statistics.

    I've been an OS tester on every OS since Windows XP, and out of all of them, I still prefer XP-Pro-SP3, which I'm using right now.

    The only OS that may ever replace XP in my life, would be Windows 10. I can make it look and act pretty much like XP, with just a few insignificant differences. And, it comes with an admirable package of hardware drivers. So far, so good!
    I've installed it on a ten year old Desktop and a six year old laptop and it's running just fine on both.

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  7.    06 Feb 2015 #16

    Silly Windows Xp, you're supposed to be dead and a long forgotten memory like vista!
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  8.    06 Feb 2015 #17

    Whether the articles are factual or not, I still see many business still using XP (just walk by the computers and the XP screen saver is floating around) and I know a lot of people the won't update from XP or 7 for no other reason than "it is what it is and there's not need to" and that tells me that most people really:

    A. Do not understand what "updating" entails or do not have enough knowledge about OS and computers in general
    B. They just don't' care.

    Don't get me wrong, 7 is by far my favorite OS as of now and 10 appears to be getting better and better and 7 still has a 5 years before it needs to be swapped, but It always surprises my how little people know about their computers, especially updates and security. I don't expect the average user to know as much as the experts on these forums, but computers have become so integrated in our daily lives and for some, it becomes a virtual livelihood, yet many don't seem interested to learn the basics and especially how to protect themselves against viruses and the like.

    For people who do a lot of banking and buying online, you'd think they would want to understand the best practices of how to keep themselves safe, especially a business, who handles credit cards, social security numbers and personal information. But many times, my friends call my with " this is happening or I can't do this", then when I take a look at their computers it's loaded with junkware, riddled with malware, 100+ processes running at rest etc. But the kicker is, the computer is a key component to their daily work/social lives and when I try to explain or enlighten them with information, it's in one ear and out the other.

    I had a conversation with my mechanic last month about why he should update his single PC form XP to at least 7, and to his defense he's not a big computer guy, but it is an integral part of his business, which could also affect his customers. He told me he uses Kaspersky and he felt totally protected because of it and I know a lot of people that have the same mindset.

    If people don't understand why an OS needs to be updated, they won't, especially if it costs money (generally speaking of course as 10 will be free) I always thought Microsoft should try to find ways to inform people about computers and security to help them understand their computers better. Maybe like a little quiz that people could take and it would "test the knowledge" and maybe just maybe when they realize they may be at risk, they would at least consider updating.
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  9.    06 Feb 2015 #18

    Off topic a bit, but I was shocked to see our local petrol station's convenience store running their POS (that is point-of-sale) on XP... (This is a large petroleum company for who I once did MIS web reporting during the XP days ...LOL) - anyway an excellent business oppotunity for me to rewrite that and get them "modern" (as partner's always get told)
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  10.    06 Feb 2015 #19

    I'm staying out of this. I've said my part, and I don't want to catch the cray-cray flu.
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