Windows 10: Today Microsoft Starts the Most Aggressive Windows 10 Upgrade Campaign

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    Win 10 Pro Build 1703 15063.332
       04 Feb 2016 #60

    lx07 said: View Post
    You can delete it, sure. Best way is to run disk cleanup, take the option Cleanup system files and make sure the option to "delete old Windows installations" is ticked..

    You could right click and delete it but you'd have to take ownership and grant yourself authority first.

    If you do nothing it will disappear after 30 days or so anyway.
    I am not so sure about that automatic 30 day story. I have had a very rough ride with the auto upgrade from Win 7 and if I look at my machine right now, there a 2 folders called windows.old dated the 2016-02-01 and windows.old (1) dated all the way back to 2015-08-18.

    The first one is win 10 Pro 1511 and the other is the very original build immediately after the auto upgrade.

    Could you please confirm if the restore points I have will be unaffected if I was to delete these old directories?
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    paulsalter said: View Post
    So where does the comparison to Apple come in?
    Who cares what the comparison is?

    I was merely drawing a parallel stating that if a product (ANY product) is desirable and in demand - people will want to buy it - and buy lots of it - like an iPhone (for example).

    And OSX is a horrible example since you need to drop 1500.00 to get that "free" OS working for ya.

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    Win 10 Pro Build 1703 15063.332
       04 Feb 2016 #62

    Winuser said: View Post
    Windows 10 has been tested. By MS and those of us that are in the Insider Program. IMHO, MS hurriedly released Win 10 to the public so they could distance themselves from Win 8. Win 8.1 should have been the first release of Win 8. Cortana wasn't ready, Edge wasn't ready and their Windows as a service(forced updates) wasn't ready. All these and a few other things need a lot more improving. I just hope MS didn't ruin Win10 by releasing it to early like they did with Win 8. I like Win 10 and don't plan on going back to a earlier Windows version. I just think MS should have held off releasing Win 10 to the general public until a few more things was ready.
    The animosity level are very high all over the World. I understand why! I agree with all the points made here. There was just too many things not working properly when the first "forced upgrade" was done.

    I finally decided that the ONLY way to truly evaluate Win 10 Pro (64-bit) would be to completely dump everything on my PC , reformat the HDD load the sw I still want from scratch one package at a time, creating a restore point after each step. While this is extremely laborious, it forces one to reconsider all that "stuff" we collect and never get round to cleaning out.

    So what I now have is as per my signature and system spec, with only the sw I use on a daily basis, and touch wood. It has been great for 3 days ( I hope I am not talking too soon).

    I am prepared to give Edge a good trial, but then it must not disappear on me again. I like the new start menu. I do not like the auto updates, but have also found out how to do updates from the Microsoft catalogue using IE 11 (it does not work from Edge). I prefer to be informed there is an update available, and am quite happy for it to be downloaded in the background but completely reject the auto install idea. I want to do the install when it suits me. I do not believe anyone can guarantee that an OS update will not mess around with any other software running at the time.

    I only have three browsers active, Edge, IE 11 ( because there are quite a few sites I access daily that only work with IE) and Chrome.

    I am pretty convinced that one of the major issues I had was related to the importing of favourites into browsers after the upgrade and updates. I thus decided to only add sites to favourites that I use on a daily basis.

    The single biggest issue I have remaining now is the problems with IBM Trusteer Rapport software, which just about every financial institution in SA wants you to download before you can use their Internet banking facilities. After the last update to 10586.63, rapport caused all sorts of inexplicable failures.
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  4.    04 Feb 2016 #63

    jebuchanan said: View Post
    I don't understand why there isn't a class action lawsuit against MS over this
    Well if someone could win a Class Action lawsuit there would be one. Remember no matter what lawyer you would get MS will have better.
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  5.    04 Feb 2016 #64

    whs said: View Post
    If you don't want W10 and want to be safe from some sneaky update, install a W10 in a virtual partition. That seems to be the remedy and they will then leave you alone.
    Well that would require 2 licenses. One for the native OS Win 7 or 8.1 and the VM.
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  6.    04 Feb 2016 #65

    Yeah right. Nothing comes for free any more.
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  7.    04 Feb 2016 #66

    SonicMojo said: View Post
    Exactly. If the general public were so hot to get Windows 10 on their computers - Microsoft would actually be "selling" this OS for actual cash rather than foisting some free crap on the masses.

    I don't see Apple forcing a free iPhone on me when a new one comes out.

    Windows 10 isn't free. If you've already purchased a Windows 7 or 8.1 license you get an upgrade for free. If you want to build a new system you have to buy Windows 10. If you want to upgrade from Linux, Vista or XP you have to purchase WIndows 10. If you are a business and want the Enterprise version you have to pay. MS has offered free OS upgrades to all OS's after XP. I got a free Windows 7 when I purchased a laptop with a Vista license right before WIndows 7 came out.
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  8.    04 Feb 2016 #67

    SonicMojo said: View Post
    I was merely comparing tech "product" to tech "product". Or "I gotta have it - because it's so good". Could be anything out there.

    Bottom line - any company should be "selling" any so called hot, desirable products that they offer. Clearly this one is not.

    As soon as you dumb something down to "free" - the value of said item is perceived to be almost nothing.

    Tech product to tech prodouct? One is manufactured and the other is created using human skills. MS is doing it to get eveyone to WIndows 10 faster to cut future support costs. WIndows 10 Pro (retail) is still 199 and the OEM are still charging you when you buy a new system.
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    rfcomptech said: View Post
    I have using windows 10 now for about 2 months and all I have had is one problem after another and my opinion is that Microsoft has idiots for programmers, because I don't think that they even tested windows ten. Anytime you write a new program or even updates for an exiting program you need to test the program or test the update for a program. I am going to reload Windows 7 and find a way to get rid of the Windows 10 upgrade icon that they put the task bar. In my opinion Microsoft has gotten worse with every os they have come out with since Window XP. I am just ranting know so I will stop, enough said.
    Yeah, I have to agree. I think they need to stop outsourcing their software development to the Mashco-Piro people.

    The underlying OS is OK, but Windows 10 store apps in particular are the most poorly designed, feature-sparse, buggy software I've ever used. How can something so basic be so bug-ridden? Even ad-hoc software used by companies I've worked for were never this bad, and they were created by the lowest bidder and were then patched beyond belief to avoid paying re-write costs.

    There used to be a saying that "Nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft", but unfortunately Microsoft have gone downhill spectacularly over the last three to four years and I've experienced more borked/pulled Windows Updates in the last two years than from the entire time using Windows. Luckily the majority of companies use traditional software on their machines rather than the built-in apps, so their jobs from that standpoint are safe for the time being. But for consumers, I'm also at the end of my tether and my patience is running out waiting for Windows 10 to step it up and come out of what feels like Alpha software produced by people who've never used a computer before.

    As a company who are first and foremost a software company, the level of the software they're producing lately is pretty worrying and as a former Microsoft cheerleader rather disappointing. On top of that, their QA seems almost non existent. Microsoft's answer is to submit feedback, but not only does the majority of it never get acted on, why should we need to anyway? You shouldn't have to tell a pilot that the plane's flying at an angle and he needs to straighten it up, you kinda expect the pilot to already know. I'm fed up with answering questions from friends/family that shouldn't need asking like "Why can't I create Email folders", "Why do emails appear back in my inbox when I've already deleted them from the recycling bin", "Why am I getting calendar notifications for non-existent appointments I've already deleted", "How do I set a calendar reminder for 4 hours before", "How do I delete Skype missed calls in Skype Video", "Why have Email Notifications stopped working", "Why are the calendar/mail live tiles stuck", "Why can't I play DVD's anymore", "Why does my laptop fan go crazy when I have the Mail app open", etc. Honestly, these are just a few, the list is never-ending and unlike with Win32 software there's little I can do about it, even re-installing any of the built-in apps is a PITA.

    Then on the other hand, we have Windows 10 Mobile that's continuously 'Soon' 'Nearly there' 'Just around the corner', which is the whole point of these Universal Apps in the first place. And whilst all this is going on, you have Microsoft devoting their time to developing apps for Android and IOS instead.

    I really want Microsoft to do well, but there's only so much you can tolerate and only so much leeway you can give them before it gets to you and you need to let off steam. Anyway, now my rant is over, something to lighten the mood. I call it, "If companies told the truth".

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       05 Feb 2016 #69

    Well you sure are unlucky....Have 3 computers running this O/S, and yes I have had the odd glitch, but hey go back to DOS, lucky if you went more than 20 minutes without a malfunction, so backing up every 1/4hr was almost a necessity, but if through concentrating on the project in hand forgot, in a CAD design environment you could end up losing everything.
    Compared to those days for CAD users W10 is an absolute Godsend, able to do such things as rendering and graphics processing.
    If W10 can perform these extremely heavy demands it should be an absolute doddle for the average user.
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