Windows 10: Today Microsoft Starts the Most Aggressive Windows 10 Upgrade Campaign

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  1.    03 Feb 2016 #30

    People and their PC's are a strange combination of 'creatures'!
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  2.    03 Feb 2016 #31

    dencal said: View Post
    The usual inaccuracy when someone wants to make a point I quote:- (Funny how you want to constantly tout that "haters gonna hate" thinking,) on what basis?
    If you feel insulted by the quote it suggests it might have hit a nerve.
    Oh brother. No it's because you always make any of your opposition (not anti-MS by the way) seem like their stupid for their views. You Dencal are particularly downgrading to people. When I voice my opposition to anything, I never make insulting comments to any one personally. But you just have at it.

    You shouldn't be trying to hit anyone's nerve. That's the point. If you are trying to hit a nerve Dencal, maybe you're being a problem on this forum; not someone who has a view different than yours.
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  3.    03 Feb 2016 #32

    I have no intention of installing Windows 10 on my Windows 7 laptop but can somebody tell me how much disk space I am going to lose to this automatic download.

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  4.    03 Feb 2016 #33

    I think the download is about 5 GB (so a bit bigger than a DVD data disk. It seems to only download what it needs to update, because some users have reported different sizes though (depending on whether you're upgrading 7 or 8x). I remember a fresh x86 install occupied around 10 GB.
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  5.    03 Feb 2016 #34

    Thank you. Not great news considering that's 5 gb I'm never going to get back but I guess it could of been worse.
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  6.    03 Feb 2016 #35

    Fafhrd said: View Post
    If you don't want W10 and want to be safe from some sneaky update, just don't leave more than about 4GB of free space - i.e. less than the size of install.esd plus the applied updated windows setup files - on on your main windows partition - you can always mount a volume in an empty ntfs folder in your <username> folder to give yourself additional data storage space, which will not be available for upgrading your system.
    not sure that keeping less than 4GB is good for system ....
    for SSD probably its fine, although there are talk on another forums, that some saying keeping 30GB (or 20%) on SSD is better for performance and to minimize wearing effect, but i think it depends on the controller
    also newer SSD already should have over-provisioning (reserve area)by default

    for traditional HDD probably not recommended... for defragmenting itself (windows defrag) it need at least 15% for optimum
    so 1TB hdd need 150GB free space
    beside defrag, near full hdd also impact on overall system performance

    there are many better way... like Release I Dont Want Windows 10 v2.0 · rn10950/I-Dont-Want-Windows-10 · GitHub
    removes upgrade notifications from Windows 7 and 8 - gHacks Tech News
    u can even find manual-way if u paranoid with any patches
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  7.    03 Feb 2016 #36

    Scottyboy99 said: View Post
    Thank you. Not great news considering that's 5 gb I'm never going to get back but I guess it could of been worse.
    Yes you'd get a lot of it back. After installation, you're old Windows folder is placed in C:\Windows.old. After you know that the upgrade has gone smoothly and you're satisfied that you'll not need to downgrade, the "Windows.old" folder can then be removed.
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  8.    03 Feb 2016 #37

    DavidY said: View Post
    This is irrelevant.

    I have a device which works fine in Windows 8.1, but crashes in Windows 10, due to lack of drivers from the manufacturer.

    How would being more intelligent (apart from knowing how to revert to 8.1, although that's knowledge rather than intelligence) help me with my driver issue?

    The people who like Windows 10 are basically those who got lucky with drivers - which is admittedly a lot of people, and I have a computer which works fine in Windows 10.

    But to foist Windows 10 on people when the driver support isn't there is unreasonable behaviour by Microsoft.
    My nice Dell Inspiron 17 laptop when evaluated for the upgrade says There is no driver for the Broadcom wireless adapter. You may not be able to connect to the internet. Duh I guess it would make too much sense for the evaluation software to offer to kill the upgrade nag.
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  9.    03 Feb 2016 #38

    This is what appeared today on my Baynews9 home page :
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  10.    03 Feb 2016 #39

    MS needs to STOP trying to force Win10 down everyone's throat! It's not a matter of loving or hating MS; it's a matter that "no means NO". Once you decline the upgrade, you should NOT have to keep on declining it again ... and again ... and again!

    I also run Linux distros and they too, have version upgrades -- but they don't nag or coerce you into upgrading. Instead, they have an option in the upgrade manager to SELECT the upgrade -- if you want it. It's there if you want to choose it, but it doesn't nag or otherwise coerce you into running it.

    The MS Win10 upgrade should work the same way -- be an easy-to-find option, but not repeatedly nag you, and certainly NOT force an upgrade on you just because you made the mistake of having automatic updates enabled!
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