Bug In Firefox 44 (For Norton Users) That Deletes Passwords

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    I stopped enabling Flash years ago. I'd take the time to remove it entirely, but there's no real need--I don't use it at all, not for a long time. I've had no particular problems yet with 44.

    I have zero tolerance for Mozilla's strategic decisions of late and fully expect to have to abandon Firefox entirely, but they haven't broken anything I depend on yet. Since, however, I depend on XUL and XPCOM working in several extensions, and since they plan to remove support for them w/o providing any real replacement (beyond fluff), and since numerous devs have stated their intention not to go along with Mozilla's roadmap... well, the end of the road is near for Firefox. I've been using Firefox for as long as there's been a Firefox, so it's a little sad. Nothing else has been as customizable. Lunatics are in charge at Mozilla now.
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    Well the problem seen here lately has been the prompt for continuing, debugging a script, or stop script options when arriving at certain news sites. Right after the page is opened from clicking a link the multiple FF windows will simply lock solid until I can get one of those buttons clicked long enough to close that page up after a copy and paste of the url to another browser I have to open up whether IE, an FF variant, or even Edge which doesn't run into this apparently.
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    That's one reason why I always use NoScript--to keep potentially troublesome scripts from doing things of no use to me (not just for "security"). In your case it might be a good diagnostic--find out what script from where (offsite?)--by progressively enabling sites. Not the only way, of course. I expect a news site could be loading stuff from all over the place.
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    I trust that is the freebie that now wants me to restart FF? :) NoScript - JavaScript/Java/Flash blocker for a safer Firefox experience! - what is it? - InformAction

    I will be going back to the exact same site again to see if this will have any positive effect as a good test for it!
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    Night Hawk I am using Firefox 44.0.2 (64 bit) and I don't have the problems you mentioned. Have you tried launching Firefox in the safe mode?
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    When I have to launch any browser in safe mode it's time to see it replaced! For one site only I wouldn't even worry and put the site on the blocked list for the firewall here! I still don't know if the embedded video with auto play or some time of other bug with the site needing repair was the fault there.

    With the NoScript10 on a good number of sites cannot see a change of settings and enabling the general allowance(not advised) defeats the purpose of even having that on. Once I relocate the same page I will see how thing go with Waterfox since Cyberfox and Edge didn't freeze up. With FF open to the same page however everything froze solid! It's possible the site was compromised and will be avoided however.
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    The only purpose of using Safe Mode is to help diagnose whether something native to Firefox seems to be what's causing a problem or whether some extension is the culprit, which more often than not it is. It's generally either the first or second thing to do on the to-do list for troubleshooting some issue. (Yes, NoScript = InformAction [also, they do put their own site in the NoScript whitelist])
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    Well the problem is rather easily resolved by only seeing the problem appear on one specific site only! No other place but that one offbeat news/blog site will see this particular problem which suggests the site needs fixing being required which I have run into already on numerous(unspecified) occasions!

    The Firefox addons(nearly 15.4 thousand in number) see a few no script options as well as that one there which is more of a hassle to configure each web page as you go along compared to an on/off no script FF addon! The on/off button appears on the top menu bar for the FF addon next to the NoScript10!

    The Safe mode is something you use when not knowing what the culprit is while this was site specific without a doubt since other sites with embedded videos have only seen the green and red buttoned flash player type prompt come up and block part of the view while the video loops in the background unable to hit the play option or get rid of the flash player prompt being the real annoyance. Which also points to another FF addon to play videos without flash found in the scroll of several addon pages.

    The 64bit FF was being tried out at this time not just the 44 or 44.0.2 but in general since Waterfox the 64bit variant only recently started acting up and had to be set aside to find a new default browser. Cyberfox with the Australian gui option not selected was tried out along with Pale Moon until 42 was announced and addon here. Not one problem seen with the 42. But trying to keep that on and the next day find a new FF shortcut sitting on the desktop is from having it set to auto. VLC has been seeing the same new shortcut appear almost every other day lately as well. VLC got unchecked while FF got set to the Let me choose when option.
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    Glad I still only have the 43 64bit version installed! Have been staying with Cyberfox lately having switched over from Waterfox and now Cyberfox has been acting up all but anything to do with passwords which it remembers much better then seen with the other FF and variants! If you decide to try that simply uncheck the Australian gui option if not from there.
    At least I have my passwords written down that's for sure :)
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    FF remembers the passwords when having the Security section's "Remember logins for sites" item checked off if not assigning a master password for all sites which could prove to be a very bad move! When going to use any browser for the first time however or needing to one removed completely in order to run with a totally fresh install you then will have lost data stored locally on the drive that needs to be re-entered all over again such as your password(s).

    With the 42 version having been on the 43 was simply allowed being the newer version to follow before any of these problems appeared that are totally unrelated to Norton in any form since there's a totally different av software in use here that sees not one problem with any of the browsers. The problems haven't lead back to the av software that is in use here either. Nor is this a 10 only related problem of seeing multiple browser windows like having a couple of news articles open to quote and before you can finish one everything starts binding up. I then have to open up a pair of windows with another browser fast to catch the copy + paste of the urls for the reports before the default browser hangs entirely and why IE was replaced by Waterfox by Cyberfox by FF x64 seen now by...??? what browser next? or going back and forth between those already in use.
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