Microsoft is looking a lot like Apple and Nadella like...

    Microsoft is looking a lot like Apple and Nadella like...

    Microsoft is looking a lot like Apple and Nadella like...

    Posted: 27 Jan 2015

    Last week, Microsoft CEO said what Windows fans haven't wanted to admit:
    The fact that a billion-and-a-half users use Windows is incredible. And we want to be able to serve that base and grow that base with the innovation. ... And thatís what I want us to be focused on ... We have bigger hopes, higher aspirations for Windows. We want to move from people needing Windows to choosing Windows, to loving Windows. That is our bold goal.
    For far too long, Microsoft has abused Windows, releasing and then resolutely defending monstrosities like Vista and Windows 8 under a very cynical belief that people had no choice but to swallow Windows, whatever version Microsoft delivered. Its attitude on Office wasn't much different, so the product blew up to Jabba the Hut proportions.
    When people had a real alternative to Windows, they moved at a pace never seen before in the history of technology, making the iPad the most quickly adopted technology ever. For half a decade, PC sales have declined, but Mac sales have grown, despite their huge price premium. Android also benefited from the "I don't need a new PC" attitude from individuals and businesses alike, and Google is now hoping so too will Chromebooks. Anything but Windows, right?
    Thus, Nadella's comments are striking in their core acceptance that Windows today is unloved and his goal of making Windows beloved again -- as it once was, back in the Windows 95 days.
    Also striking: Nadella is extremely clear about making Windows great again, with none of the pretense displayed by previous Microsoft regimes.
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    27 Jan 2015

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    Sounds good but will it actually happen? I'm not holding my breath.
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    I call bullocks on that. mac sales might be up, but it's a starfish in a sea of whales. mac sales occur because they don't last that long and become unsupported by apple after so long. A macbook from 2008 might be able to run Yosemite, earlier you're probably out of luck. On the Windows PC side, people can still run modern Windows versions on a Pentium 4 based system from 10 years ago usually just fine. I was reading an article about a Windows convert to mac and they started saying they were tech oriented and their bit about mac maintenance is as easy as setting up an appointment at your local apple store; whereas dealing with Dell in figuring out an issue with a charger was too much of a hassle... I just love those stories because it's ALWAYS someone coming from the dirt cheap, scummy PC brands to a mac and claiming they've been touched by the hand of God.

    The whole ipad being picked up as the most adopted technology ever, that's still yet to be declared as ipad sales aren't that great compared to iphone sales. They do sell a lot, but not iphone proportions and not like Windows 8.1's marketshare.

    But I wholly agree that Microsoft has abused Windows. It took Windows 8 to literally put them back on track because before that, no one would have picked apart Windows in every aspect and category against competing platforms such as the UI to the UX to features to hardware. Say what you want about Windows 8, but it did reinvigorate Microsoft (although in reality, Windows Phone takes that claim I find). Ever since the Nokia take over and release of Windows Phone 8.1, it's been all ios and android first and best, Windows all the way last and mediocre. It's not a good sign when the company that makes the platform doesn't put all their efforts first and foremost behind Windows. How does one expect to really cherish Windows when the maker doesn't care that much for it?

    Maybe Windows 10 will change that, but from what I can tell, it already is. I think the fact that people can get the latest Windows for FREE, that's probably going to change expectations. That's huge right there.
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    It is a lie. You click on the link a get a jolly fat white guy (who may like a mac) then you click on the next link and get a golly skinny indian guy with EXACTLY the same name (who may like a mac)

    I bought a macbook pro recently with out any help.

    I just gave them the money - it wasn't that hard really.
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