What's the best Windows 10 web browser? The benchmarks are in

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  • Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

    38 15.20%
  • Microsoft Edge

    37 14.80%
  • Chrome

    67 26.80%
  • Firefox

    93 37.20%
  • Opera

    5 2.00%
  • Other

    10 4.00%
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  1. Posts : 17,831
    Windows 10

    CountMike said:
    "FF with like 10add-ons & 1000+tabs load like 2-3minutes." holly smokes, I don't have that many bookmarks !!!
    1000 tabs is ridiculous! FF, nor any other browser is gonna return that many requests without a Denial of Service!
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  2. Posts : 26,345
    Win11 Pro, Win10 Pro N, Win10 Home, Windows 8.1 Pro, Ubuntu

    Edwin said:
    1000 tabs is ridiculous! FF, nor any other browser is gonna return that many requests without a Denial of Service!
    It would be faster using a search engine than looking for a specific tab
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  3. Posts : 19,211
    W11+W11 Developer Insider + Linux

    Cliff S said:
    It would be faster using a search engine than looking for a specific tab
    Tabs ? those would be just dots unless on CinemaScope movie screen.
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  4. Posts : 470
    Win 10 Pro (x64), OSX 10.11


    I am a man of modest means. Can you captured your Firefox screen with a 1000+ tabs?
    Please, educate me a little, please!
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  5. Posts : 1,300
    Linux: Rocky / CentOS / Fedora 64-bit / Windows 10 Pro 64-bit VM

    As chosen browser here, Chromium most of the way.
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  6. Posts : 471
    Windows 10 Pro

    It's Firefox for me. On rare occasions I use Chrome as a backup because I use some security addons like noscript or ghostery and sometimes certain websites refuse to work correctly. Instead of disabling all the addons I just use Chrome for those sites.

    MS can push its browser over the edge of the nearest cliff (ha ha, very funny), I will never use that joke of a browser.
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  7. Posts : 1,327
    Windows 10 Home x64

    I'm still a Maxthon man myself. Works wonderfully on 10, no issues at all for my needs. I do have Opera on my machines as well, but I'm afraid its getting very little play these last couple of years. Edge........ its o.k. I guess, but way too bare bones for me. (And I LIKE "bare bones"!)
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  8. Posts : 113
    win 10 pro

    Personally, I prefer Avant browser and chrome. I use chrome for it's fast speed and stable while Avant browser for its tri-core rendering engines and build-in video downloader and some other build-in features and buttons. Firefox is also good, but I can use firefox engine in Avant.
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  9. Posts : 85
    windows10 pro

    koolx said:
    I think you got a bad install of FF. So far I havent heard of anyone complainng that FF is slow in launching even with multipe tabs open. Youre the only one that I heard of with this issue. You should reinstall FF because something isnt right with your system.
    nope, its not bad install, as i have been reinstall the OS itself / clean-install (W7 to W10 and W10RTM to W10-TH2 update)
    but it possible bad profile ... its been carried with many updateds

    i did refresh my FF profile few times, its temporarily fix but after a while the lagging is back
    it just known FF issue... if not they not going to make special page for it (Firefox takes a long time to start up | Firefox Help) ... so i am not sure why u havent hearing slow launching FF, u only read this forum ? lol

    before FF40 release i (many others) got lots of crashes with flash [OOM/xull.dll] (combination to multiple tabs?)
    tried disable "protected-mode" but not helping ... it got better after FF42 or so
    but i still seeing lots people reporting it on latest firefox 43.0.04
    in mind alone have 43,671crash report...and it just been 2week ever since released, u can check other each report ever since version 43...

    based my experience Firefox issue been always related to memory allocation - sync (often cause non-response) - and addons
    not sure if it caused by 32bit memory allocation or what
    addons such ABP quite taking resources (especially if u use more additional filter-list), u can try simple test few tabs with ABP on and off.

    even with those issue, i still using FF as my main browser ... well at least for now
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  10. Posts : 85
    windows10 pro

    Edwin said:
    1000 tabs is ridiculous! FF, nor any other browser is gonna return that many requests without a Denial of Service!
    in FF each page counted as 1tabs
    so if u like going thru 5pages in a forum, it count as 5tabs, correct me if i wrong

    and u think 1000tabs on one site ? LOL
    and JFYI by default FF dont load tabs until tabs clicked/selected

    some might say just bookmarks or just use search engine or just open history
    well i find, leave it on tabs is faster, especially for forum thread
    i can just wrote what tab i look in address bar, and it will point on the tabs

    beside how Firefox count tabs which make 1000tabs lots, which actually the real tabs is like 200 or something
    its like thread pages, mods for stuff etc, i prefer to leave it on tabs, because as soon i am done, i am (most of time) no longer looking back to those, so i dont want to mess my bookmark with 1time read pages
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